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Smart Boats Jumpstart UK Fishing Industry

By Bjorgvin Gudmundsson, August 29, 2019

Tags: Fishing, Seafood

Good news for the UK fishing industry as a whole as the UK environment secretary Michael Gove has injected the space with a momentous innovation and a research and development fund. This announcement is exciting as it makes way for the use of AI by fishermen and has the potential to maximize the return on investment for the economy of the United Kingdom according to the government. The industry and the government collectively would welcome the idea of an innovation of this magnitude, as the fishing industry account for 1.4 billion pounds of the UK economy, boasting 24,000 employees.

The industry’s technology could certainly use a jumpstart, with the fund specially designed to focus on introducing cutting-edge innovations to UK fishing on a long-term basis. As we speak, UK businesses are in the development stages for satellite technology and virtual watch room that will surely revolutionize how the country conducts its fishing, which in turn will inject the economy with a much-needed boost of profits. This new technology will serve to elevate the industry as a whole, with the hope that this initiative will spark inspiration for new technological innovations that may push the pendulum further in the right direction.

The government of the United Kingdom has not been shy about their avid support for the fishing industry, stating that the government is investing record sums to profit research and development, and additional funds specifically for UK innovation. The UK is making clear strides in making itself an independent coastal state. The idea is to combine optimized fishing practices with superior technology to deliver productive, and more importantly sustainable fisheries. This fund allocated by the UK government is designed to foster a sense of community between fishermen and engineers, working together to achieve this goal of productivity and sustainability. The UK has seen vast improvements in other areas of the food sector, with the government commending the innovations made to the farming industry with the help of artificial intelligence and robotics. Now, the UK would like to see the same principles applied to improving the fishing industry, with the hope of attaining similar results. The innovations will be applied to multiple facets of the seafood industry including catching techniques and practices, fish feed, and fishery management.

Some examples of the areas seeking to benefit from the funding include significantly minimizing unwanted catches by strengthening the fishing boat’s ability to monitor its catches. The innovations made to fishing gear aims to reduce environmental impact and heighten the accuracy of real-time catch data. The UK is committed to doing their part in cutting down on interference with endangered species. In addition, the funding intends to improve the sorting and processing of catches, improve data for fishing vessels and fishing stocks, and overall improvements to sustainable aquaculture.

The UK government intends to apply an industrial strategy that will provide the biggest financial injection in support of research and development in UK history. The UK hopes that this initiative will yield a massive boost to both public and private investment research and development to 2.4 percent of GDP in approximately 8 years.