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9 ways coronavirus is changing seafood forever


The world is going through a coronavirus pandemic and we are getting different information every passing minute, we can try and look at the bigger picture from a distance. While the short-term effects of the COVID-19 are drastic and extremely damaging. But if we look at the long-term effects of the coronavirus, we might be able to find a silver lining at the time of this crisis, at least when it comes to the seafood industry including seafood catchers, seafood processors and seafood packers.

It’s no secret that America’s seafood industry is heavily dependent on China. Seafood processors are mainly based there and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the seafood industry and supply chain went into the shock. While this created a lot of problems for now, it will result in putting the seafood industry on the right track.

China, being the most affected as of right now, will still recover from this pandemic more quickly than any other country, it might even resume the seafood processing, but most of the companies will rethink putting all of their eggs in the basket of China’s seafood processors.

Coronavirus pandemic pushed the seafood packers and the seafood industry as a whole to online retailing, while this has been already in operation before and seafood packers used to employ online retailing, however it was not a norm. But now, that everyone has experienced online retailing, it will be hard to go back. The statistics of amazon showed the increased demand for online retail services.

The fresh seafood is going to be a lot more in demand after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, the panic buying of canned tuna and salmon will not sway the people in the favor of canned food, while on the other hand, it will most definitely increase the appreciation for fresh seafood. Seafood catchers can work with seafood packers to deliver fresh seafood and it will benefit the seafood industry.

The food service is expected to improve too in the post coronavirus outbreak world. With most of the restaurants and big food chains coming to a halt, the seafood industry is not as much affected, since most of the seafood is eaten out of the home, but as the chains reopen, it will benefit the overall food service of the seafood.

The global pandemic is resulting in significant dents in the business, but as the situation gets better, the domestic markets will bloom, if done properly, the domestic markets will start developing, and established companies will help them develop by employing their services.

And finally, the digitization; the use of services like seafood ERP will increase. With such huge changes up the horizon, the vendors will need services like food ERP for better management of the resources. In short, for all of the seafood industries, either seafood catchers, seafood processors, or seafood packers, ERP software will help them create more efficient policies.

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