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Delivery and Payment Collection

App Features

Manage Orders

View a list of detailed orders, along with outstanding invoices and balances for specific delivery routes.


Get Proof of Delivery

Take photos for proof of delivery. Print confirmation via hip printer or share digital delivery receipts through email, text, and more.


Collect Payments

Allow your drivers to account for the collection of cash or checks. Easily enter cash/check amounts and check numbers. 


Post Shipment Confirmation

Posting shipment confirmation to the app is a breeze. Speeds up delivery time and maximizes driver efficiency.


View History

In addition to viewing the orders that need to be delivered, you can also view order delivery history, with detail. 


Works even if you're offline

Inecta's DSD app synchs to your Business Central system in real-time. You can even work offline and the application synchs automatically when you have a internet connection.

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