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How To Optimize Your Egg Production Process

By George Nielsen, February 10, 2022

Tags: Trends, Food ERP, egg producer, egg distributor

Eggs are one of the most enjoyed consumable goods every year by Americans, with the average number of eggs produced reaching 9.3 billion dozen according to Statista. While these are enjoyed worldwide, eggs require strict compliance and rigorous testing per the Food and Drug Administration [FDA]  to ensure that they are as safe as possible for consumption.

In this article, we explore the steps of the global egg production process and learn how Inecta’s software solutions can assist egg producers at every stage of their process. 

What is ERP software? 

ERP software is better known as Enterprise Resource Planning software and assists businesses in managing the day-to-day operations of their business through one centralized location. While there are many different types of ERP software options available for corporations and other divisions of the business, there were few considerations made for the food production industry ⸺ which is where Inecta came in to assist. 

There are many common components that can be found in ERP software solutions. For example, when you purchase this type of software, you may expect to find: 

  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) capabilities 
  • Integration abilities and partnerships 
  • Financial resource management tracking systems 
  • Inventory management resources and tracking 
  • Compliance tracking 

While these elements are commonly associated with ERP management software, every solution offers different focuses and is designed for different types of clients and industries. With Inecta, we have curated the software to specifically serve those in the food production and distribution industry. 

What are the common steps of the egg production process?

Every egg supplier has a critical role to play in the world of egg production for the global market. While there are commonly identified stages of the production process, this may look different depending on the type of egg product or position that your business serves in the larger market picture. There are four main divisions of the egg production process that helps your eggs get from farm to table:

  • Farming 
  • Processing 
  • Warehouse 
  • Transport 

No matter what phase of egg production and distribution you serve in, you need a comprehensive solution that will support you at every moment. Inecta has curated a specific software solution that can help you manage your roles more efficiently, and can assist you in gaining a higher return on your investment. 

How can Inecta help to support your business? 

Inecta has had the privilege of serving the industry for two decades, providing the quality software solutions that your business needs to adapt to the dynamic environment of food production. Below are some of the top ways that Inecta can help to streamline and support your egg production business. 

Cloud ERP and tracking solutions 

Your business can greatly benefit from the efficient solutions that cloud-based ERP tracking solutions provide. Many businesses are still struggling to unify other alternative methods and sync them into a cloud-based system. However, with Inecta’s strong partnership with Microsoft, you can enjoy the ease of use that a cloud system provides, enabling you to seamlessly track every batch for ultimate efficiency and compliance should the need arise to recall or review your products. 

Real-time data updates 

Visibility and transparency in data management is key for the success of your business. With Inecta, you can enjoy the dashboard that provides precision data that can inform your strategic decision-making process. These dashboards are visible to every team member throughout the production process and include important information tracking capabilities such as: 

  • Sales spend 
  • Sales budget 
  • Conversions total 
  • Estimated profit 
  • Actual profit 
  • Total quantity sold 
  • And much, much more. 

These dashboards are updated in real-time to ensure that you have the most accurate data available. 

Efficient recall and trace technology 

Your business produces thousands of eggs on any given day. Manual tracking would cause sufficient loss of time and resources, and simply isn’t reliable when it comes to something as important and precarious as potential recalls can be. With our software, you can seamlessly recall and trace batches in seconds to assess and mitigate risks. Input and output data is gathered and correlated to the relevant lot that it is associated with, taking the guesswork out of tracking when you need it most. 

Streamlined inventory management 

Inventory management has long been a struggle for the food and beverage industry, especially with growing restrictions and recommendations from governmental agencies. You can maintain the ease of use your team needs through one centralized hub, tracking inventory effectively and monitoring all transactions. This can also be helpful should you need to look back and identify possible allergenic contamination or recall issues. With our methodology, you minimize the risk of waste and production mismanagement thanks to our user-friendly interface that promotes tracking and responsible management practices. 

Software partnerships you can count on 

Inecta has housed its software solution using Microsoft Business Central. Because of this, you can experience the world-class utility and reliability that the software can provide. Microsoft is well known for its customer service and resolution abilities, keeping you constantly in uptime and avoiding time lost with bugs and disruptions. 

Team-based integration approach 

Integrating your systems into one single central hub can be a major investment of time and resources for your business. While this investment will inevitably pay off, it is common for people to feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight and complexity of the migration process. Our team is standing by to assist you with any questions that you may have, and we offer guidance through any necessary steps or upgrades in order to clear the way for your success. For more information on what Inecta can do for your business, please visit our website. 

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.