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Quality Control for Food ERP

By Mohak Kapoor, February 10, 2021

Tags: ERP, Food ERP, ERP Software

With food regulatory bodies taking huge strides in their quest for compliance, food safety is now of primal importance making Food ERP a prerequisite. One of the pillars of Food ERP is quality control, a process to eliminate defects and avoid them from being released for use. Thus, each and every ingredient of an item has to adhere to the quality standards at all points from the manufacturing facility to a customer’s table. 

How to attain Quality Control?

The only means to attain effective quality control is via food ERP. Manufacturers for long have tried their hands on labour intensive techniques to maintain quality control only to end up with compliance violations and dissatisfied customers. 

With produce ERP producers can take the following steps to attain quality control:

  1. Establish quality control plans, checklists and instructions
  2. Define quality control test and controlled deviations wit accepted tolerance values
  3. Maintain quality data collection and analyse historic results 
  4. Assign quality control statuses to inventory and dispose of those that do not adhere to these standards 
  5. Generate and leverage customised certificate of analysis reports.

To speak volumes of what quality control brings to the table, let’s take the e

xample of iNECTA. A prominent player in the food ERP business, iNECTA incorporates quality control throughout its produce ERP software. 

Let’s take a look at the set of benefits food manufacturers and seafood traders enjoy by bringing iNECTA’s food ERP software and seafood ERP solutions on-board:

  1. Standardised product

Consistency is the epitome of excellence making product consistence the pillar of customer satisfaction. Seafood ERP ensures the recipe and process is accurate and repeatable in compliance with the benchmark established.

  1. Meeting Compliance requirements

With the likes of FDA, ISO and GFSA striving for compliance fulfilment, survival is of the essence and food ERP is the only way to meet these requirements. With food ERP each ingredient is tracked and accounted for at each stage of production ensuring all compliances are met from the manufacturing facility to a customer’s plate. 

  1. Better CRM and Grievance handling

Produce ERP ensures each ingredient is not only prepared in compliance but also can be tracked real time. Hence if there is inventory which does not meet a quality check, it’s disposed off without ever seeing the light of day. This ensures there are no product recalls and as a consequence high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is attained. 

  1. Actual vs standard product

Through food ERP, food manufacturers can ensure the standards set for attributes like freshness, colour and sizes are all met by the finished product with only tolerance deviation levels thus ensuring the actual product meets the pre-determined standards.

  1. Nutrition match

Labels brief consumers with the exact content of ingredients used and one can only ensure the label and the food content are a match through produce ERP. Producers leveraging produce ERP can integrate nutrient analysis capabilities to ensure label compliance is met by the product at each stage of production. 

By bringing all these benefits to the table, iNECTA ensures its food ERP solutions become the golden goose of its seafood and produce manufacturers and traders. With food regulatory authorities breathing down the necks of food traders, food safety is now the name of the game and as proved, the only way to win is through food ERP by quality control.

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.