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How Meat Matrix Software Is Changing The Game

By George Nielsen, January 3, 2022


There are many complex challenges in the food and meat industry, and meat matrix software offers a solution for many issues processing and manufacturing plants face every day. In this article, we review what meat matrix software is and how it helps many companies within the food and meat industry. We’ll also explore how Inecta's Meat ERP software can help your business.

What Is Meat Matrix Software?

Most companies in the meat processing industry manage all aspects of the process, including raising livestock, slaughter, processing, packaging, and distribution. The meat industry continues to grow, and companies need to manage the challenges that come with a growing industry.

Meat matrix software was developed to help aid in many aspects of the meat and food production process from end to end to ensure businesses run smoothly and are within regulatory compliance. Because of this, meat matrix software is a must-have for all meat companies to help with inventory control, yield management, lot traceability, productivity, and cost margins.

How Does Meat Matrix Software Help Meat Processing Companies?

With supply and demand on the rise, meat processing companies can utilize meat matrix software to help streamline the operational and administrative processes and ensure product safety, transparency, and all regulations are within compliance. Food safety is of the utmost importance and with meat matrix software, you can easily reduce hazards and inventory waste.

Prevent Spoilage

Meat matrix software allows tracking of expiration dates and the status of the meat products to automate the movement of meat products and ensure the first in, first out is followed to reduce spoiled products.

Enable Batch Tracing

Most meat matrix software comes with the ability to track batch numbers and track all information related to batch numbers rather than just single products. Batch information is essential for preventing spoilage and ensuring recalls are effectively managed for all products affected.

Recall Tracking and Safety Standards

Knowing where your product is within production and where each batch was shipped allows you to respond to product quickly recalls helping ensure the limited spread of questionable foods. Meat matrix software provides the ability to manage storage conditions and set up best practices for good hygiene and safe packaging.

Ensure USDA Compliance

Monitoring quality in real-time allows businesses to comply with strict food regulations easily. Having the information quickly on hand can help reduce liability in many situations.

Manage Your Inventory

Automating the movement and receiving of products from suppliers into a custom inventory can save you time and labor. Tracking and reviewing inventory quickly and efficiently can help to ensure that your business can meet supply and demand.

Enhance Distribution

Timely delivery is crucial for the meat processing industry to ensure delivery while the product is still fresh. Ensuring that accurate delivery dates are available and communicated to the customer or businesses receiving the product to ensure their product is obtained when they expect it.

Experience Real-Time Overview of Business

Meat matrix software is customized software that enables teams to review data in real-time, allowing leaders to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently. The overall view of the business will enable companies to be more efficient in production.

Streamline Your Processes

Companies can use meat matrix software to integrate processes and information readily available to teams to ensure they follow procedures correctly. Improving data management allows data uploaded by one department to be quickly reviewed by another department to review the data immediately, reducing the need for manual processes.

Integrate Your Software

Meat matrix software provides information in one unified system rather than gathering, processing, and analyzing data from various systems and giving businesses the ability to rely on one system for business functions like accounting, inventory management, and supply chain results in streamlined operations and processes.
How Does Inecta's Software Help Meat Processing Companies?

Inecta's meat processing software helps solve the many challenges the meat processing industry faces daily. Meat processing companies are one of the most highly regulated industries. Improper tracking and handling of meats can lead to harmful impacts on humans and with the right software, food visibility and safety measures are improved. Below are just a few of the things that set our software apart.

Company-Wide Visibility

With Inecta's Meat Processing Software, you can have complete visibility into incoming raw materials and ingredients. Having visibility allows you to review data in real-time to help your team make informed decisions to help manage costs, achieve the highest quality, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Robust Recall Functionality and Traceability

With Inecta, you can keep track of your product through all stages of production from start to finish with detailed lot traceability. You can also trace single ingredients or batches within seconds to aid in robust recall procedures and immediately identify and isolate any product as needed for further testing.

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Free Valuable Resource!

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*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.