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Go from Sort to Ship,
Faster than Ever

Keep track of receiving, grading, packaging and shipping fresh produce with cloud-based ERP that works


Cloud ERP for the Produce Industry

iNECTA Produce is a state-of-the-art Cloud ERP that supports all produce sub-industries such as foodservice, growers/packers/shippers, processors, terminal markets and distributors.

Bring your product from the farm or greenhouse to the consumers table safely with iNECTA Produce.



Grower Accounting

iNECTA Produce’s capabilities guarantees a seamless implementation of accounting software that will keep your crop safe and fresh during every harvest. iNECTA’s produce-specific solution ensures that growers feel confident that their crop is accounted for accurately with both static and interactive reports provided by Microsoft’s cutting-edge software
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Lot Tracking & Traceability
iNECTA Produce’s solution keeps products in order with precise tracking and traceability using a specific lot number which contains all of the necessary information about the product. Once the product is attached to a number, it can be traced throughout the supply chain–­­allowing the consumer to have a transparent view of the product’s origin. 
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Field & Greenhouse Management

Whether it be out in a field, or in an industrial greenhouse, iNECTA Produce’s solution keeps track of the crop with ultimate accuracy and efficiency. Our solution leverages state-of-the-art technology to optimize processes for field and greenhouse managers. 
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Produce Processing & Re-packing

iNECTA Produce serves processors and re-packers by leveraging Microsoft’s cutting edge technology to create a superior tracking solution, keeping the product in good standing order throughout fresh cut, mixing and grading.
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WMS Mobile App

iNECTA Produce serves warehouse managers with a cutting-edge, Android-based application that links directly to the scanner allowing for unmatched sorting and allocation capabilities to ensure warehousing is conducted seamlessly. 
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iNECTA Produce is sold as a powerful add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Start off with either Business Central Essentials or Premium, then add-on iNECTA Produce. Cloud hosting is included in the price for Business Central & iNECTA Produce. 

2 plans to choose from:
Per User
  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Projects
  • Warehouse
Per User
Everything in Essentials
  • Manufacturing
Team member starts at $8/mo.
Per User
  • Grower Accounting
  • Food Safety
  • Mobile Warehouse App
  • Produce Processing and Re-Packing*
  • Field and Greenhouse Management*
*Requires Business Central Premium Subscription
Team member starts at $27/mo. in addition to Business Central Subscription
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