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Seafood ERP: An Investment or An Expense?

Just like a coin, ERP implementation has two sides to it. Depending on a host of factors like the size of a firm, the customizations needed and the Microsoft partner chosen a seafood trader can determine whether the ERP system installed is an investment or an expense.

To speak volumes of which let’s dig deep into the drawbacks of seafood ERP and how to cope with them:


1. Slow software implementation: Adding a brand-new ERP system to your company can be time-consuming if the firm is large or an inefficient partner is chosen. This in turn halts business operations and is one of the primary reasons why seafood ERP is resisted.

2. High Initial Setup cost: Seafood ERP is a costly affair especially when a new ERP system is set up or customizations needed are more. This blocks a lot of cash flow of seafood traders.

3. Complexity in Data Migration: The first time a seafood trader uses a new ERP system, they will have to input their existing data into the new format which is very time consuming if done manually. The more data you have, the longer this process will take.

What can seafood traders do?

  1. Do a need gap analysis

Before installing a seafood ERP system seafood traders should know why and which functions need a seafood ERP system. Depending on which customizations need to be sought.

  1. Chose efficient Microsoft ERP partner

This is of primal importance as a partner with low efficiency will make the implementation process costly and time consuming. Do your homework before deciding. Traits of a good and efficient Microsoft ERP partner include:

  1. Flexible subscription plans
  2. Readymade customizations
  3. Efficient grievance handling

A classic example would be iNECTA a gold certified partner of Microsoft with 3 different subscription plans to offer “need based flexibility” to users:

1) Small size: $125/month/user (5 users or less)

2) Medium size: $165/month/user (5-15 users)

3) Enterprise: $215/month/user (15 or more users)

In addition, it brings to the table granules which are readymade customizations catering to the needs of seafood traders making it a less costly and time consuming process. Thus, choosing the right Microsoft ERP partner is a make or break decision for seafood traders.

How does it help Seafood Traders?

Seafood ERP is a golden goose for seafood traders owing to what it brings to the table which is as follows:

1) Vendor Management

With seafood ERP seafood traders can manage their suppliers better. A seafood ERP system will help seafood traders prioritize suppliers and this in turn is key to better relationship management

2) Inventory management

With seafood ERP orders are scheduled and stored via an automated process. Thus stock levels are always kept in check, monitored and regulated to ensure stock outs never happen and business operations run smoothly

3) Compliance

Quality assurance is now the name of the game with governing agencies always on the tail of seafood traders. Compliance is the means to survive and seafood ERP ensures all compliance requirements from the likes of FSMA, GFSI and SQF are met at all times.

4) Traceability

Lot traceability which seemed to be a distant dream is now a walk in the park all

thanks to seafood ERP. By tracing back the batch and lot number seafood traders can dispose of a lot which is defected thus taking the grievance handling game up a notch.

5) Real time data

With seafood ERP, seafood traders can monitor seafood at all stages of production at all times to ensure operations are run smoothly. This kind of operational efficiency is what makes seafood ERP‘s worth weight in gold.

Thus, the debate of whether seafood ERP is an investment or an expense is a no brainer and it depends on the seafood trader itself. If seafood traders can identify the need and choose a fit with a good Microsoft ERP partner, seafood ERP is an investment if not it’s an expense. Seafood traders will reap what they sow and seafood ERP with a correct partner will ensure the reap is profitable.

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.