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Attending the NAV UG Summit

By Johannes Gudmundsson, October 10, 2016


I, along with the team at iNECTA, are very excited to attend NAV UG Summit this week.  The NAV user group has grown tremendously over the recent years to become the “go to” conference for Dynamics NAV for users and partners alike. 

One of the main things I like about NAV UG is that users can share experiences and solutions between themselves.  As a partner, our role is to elevate the user as much as we can.  We are the trainers that teach the users to fly.  Once the user has gotten some basic understanding of the system and is starting to feel comfortable moving around, then NAV UG is an excellent venue to take your knowledge to the next level.

I encourage all to try to socialize with other users and talk about their experiences.  Even if you are not in the same field of business the knowledge will usually apply.  That is one of the greatest benefits of working with a system like NAV.  It is built on generic business concepts that are meant to solve any type of operational issue that arises.  The same instrument could be solving one issue at your company and a different issue at another.  A good example of this is an old favorite called item charges.  Those I have used to solve multiple different problems.

I want to send my thanks and adoration to the organizers of NAV UG for their efforts to build this group to such size and success.  With all the new things that are being delivered by Microsoft every year, these conferences are now an absolute must to attend for the progressive company which puts technology as the key to their success.


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