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Improving Your Supply Chain

By Bjorgvin Gudmundsson, May 21, 2019

Tags: Supply Chain

Improving your supply chain to make it more efficient can do wonders in improving your business overall. As a company expands and becomes more complex, so too do the strategies involved in keeping the supply chain efficient and up to par in order to sustain the business. When orders start rolling in, businesses rely on their supply chains to meet the demand and to keep their production, packaging and shipping processes running smoothly in perpetuity. Easier said than done. But with these helpful tips, your supply chain can flourish, and your supply chain manager(s) can rest easy knowing their operation is being conducted efficiently. As the years progress, customer expectations rise and the pressure to meet customers’ demands increases as well.

The obvious, yet costly way of improving a supply chain tends to rest upon the prospect of upgrading the current system or hire in numbers to increase labor and maximize production. But these aren’t the only ways of improving the supply chain. In fact, there are some less-than-obvious, cost-effective ways to improve a supply chain that many might overlook.

The first tip is to automate production when applicable. When considering whether or not automation is right for your business, it is best to speak to production managers to determine if implementing automatic or, more specifically, robotic technologies to your production line will help or hinder your overall output. In truth, automatic methods are not suitable for every business, so it is important to understand why that is or is not the case. Once automatic production methods are introduced, it is then up to the production and warehouse managers to ensure that the all parts are in good standing order. This introduction of robotic, and automatic methods of production will likely require extensive training and education, but worth it if it can yield the right results for your business.

Another tip is to jumpstart your supply chain visibility. Improving visibility means being able to track your product at all times during every phase of the supply chain. Not always as easy as it sounds. In order to improve visibility, you must first offer your suppliers access to your inventory in real-time so they can access your current standing and accommodate for what is lacking. Increasing visibility is also beneficial for internal members. With the ability to access details about any order, production and warehouse managers can help strategize and plan for the long-term, mitigating the risk of inefficiencies of any kind.

Lastly, boosting your IT department’s involvement in the supply chain can be a significant measure taken to improving your operation as a whole. Too often you only see your IT department when something goes terribly wrong on the tech end of the supply chain and some software malfunction is slowing down production and ultimately costing you time and money. A great way to avoid this is by incorporating your IT department into your daily work-flow and checking in periodically about any changes to software that may pending. Being prepared for such drastic changes in technology could save your business countless hours and dollars.

By effectively utilizing these tips, your business’s supply chain can receive a massive boost. Give your production managers peace of mind by implementing some of these strategies and see the results for yourself.

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