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Easy to Use

A clean, simple interface allows floor workers to easily enter information


Processing Floor Software Benefits

Increase Visibility

inecta Food Processing Floor runs on touchscreen tablets, allowing you to register everything that happens on your processing floor. All data flows into your system for visibility, analysis and adjustments.


Control costs with Yield Control

A large portion of the cost of the final product, often 70-75%, stems from raw materials, making yield control crucial. View the performance of individual operators and lots on yields, throughput, and quality.


Stay on track with To-do lists

The system revolves around the To-do list for the day. Your floor staff will see a sortable list of worksheets for the day to work on. First, you select a worksheet to offload items. You can input information such as size, grade, country-of-origin, lot and tote numbers, and weight. Post and complete the offload and you're done!


Know your true costs

Integrate financial data with operational processes for real-time visibility into your financial performance, including cost tracking for product, labor, and overhead expenses. Generate financial statements, budget reports, and cost analyses to support data-driven decision-making, identifying areas for cost reduction, and driving business growth.


Food Processing Floor

Cloud Based Software

inecta connects all your entire supply chain in a single easy-to-use interface.


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