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Wine Distributor Software Benefits

Transportation Management System

Trying to manage and track deliveries with spreadsheets or disconnected systems is a recipe for disaster. inecta TMS lets you route and track your shipments & costs within the same solution. Reduce the complexity of last-mile delivery and ensure your product arrives at its destination in great condition:

  • Route & track shipments
  • Run cost analysis scenarios 
  • Link shipping agents
  • Frate rate matrix
  • Transportation orders

Regulatory & Compliance

Ensure your compliance in accordance with FDA, and other authority regulations by leveraging Inecta’s connection to Genesis R&D Food Formulation and Labeling Software:

  • Dynamically change or adjust recipes and formulas to fit package labeling 
  • Create lot traceability reports within minutes 
  • Gain valuable insight with comprehensive audit history 
  • Generate nutritional fact panels in compliance with FDA regulations 
  • Remain within parameters of all FDA mandates with every lot
  • Multi-state compliance and tax calculation

Inter-company and Multi Country

Inecta Food ERP supports multi-company and multi-country operations, enabling seamless management across different legal entities and geographical locations, ensuring compliance, and facilitating inventory visibility across entities with localized adaptation.

  • Unified inventory insights for better stock management across global wine and spirit portfolios.
  • Streamlined adherence to diverse international and local alcohol regulations.
  • Informed decision-making with comprehensive visibility into global wine and spirit inventories.
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One Team. One Integrated Solution.

inecta connects all your departments in a single easy-to-use interface.



  • Manage inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Vendor management
  • Forecast demand
  • Set stock targets
  • Price management
  • Rebates
  • Manage lead-times
  • Check overstock items


  • Quality Control Dashboard
  • Log daily QC checks & sampling
  • Manage QC tolerances
  • Manage control and release
  • Easy recall operation
  • Allergen tracking
  • Smart device enabled
  • Print QC labels
  • Manage documentation


  • Full ingredient traceability
  • Complete product tracking
  • Robust Recall process
  • Allergen management
  • Certification management
  • Extended Lot visibility
  • Track expiration dates
  • Smart device enabled


  • Android-based application
  • RF/RFID/smart scan guns
  • Pick & put away scanners
  • Pallet license plates
  • Bin management
  • Cross-docking
  • Scale integration
  • Catchweight / Variable weight
  • Add on 3- PL
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx integration


  • Organize production schedule
  • Allocate costs by activity
  • Post costs to accounting ledger
  • Reverse BOM management
  • Materials requirement planning
  • Yield reporting
  • Smart device enabled


  • Full customer history
  • Pricing history
  • Fast order entry
  • Direct EDI orders
  • Filter available items by criteria
  • Sell by variable and fixed weight
  • Automatic invoicing


  • Plan routes & shipments
  • Link shipping agents
  • Create transportation orders
  • Freight rate matrix
  • Truck staging
  • Generate receipts per order
  • Invoice transportation


  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Control credit and collection
  • Vendor information card
  • Aged debt visibility
  • Process rebates
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Automatic payments
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Base reporting package
  • MS Office integration
  • Download to MS Excel, Word
  • Simple user interface
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Data visualization
  • Power Bi (Add-on)

Wine Distributor Software Features

Quality Control

Guarantee the safety and quality of your product from vineyard to your customers' refrigerator:

  • Set up quality control inspections, verifications and special instructions 
  • Ensure task completion tallies and acknowledgements 
  • Maintain quality data collection 
  • Leverage customized COA reports
  • Dispose of any inventory that does not meet quality standards
  • Control deviation of quality throughout your production line 
  • Avoid cross-contamination in accordance with allergen controls
  • Multi-state compliance and tax calculations

Lot Traceability

Track and trace your products backwards and forwards throughout the supply-chain. Stamp out the chance of a recall by monitoring every lot upon its creation until the moment it is purchased by the customer. Maintain food safety standards by enlisting the help of Inecta’s secure Lot Traceability feature:

Mobile Warehousing & Sales App

In the warehouse, use any Android-powered scan gun to automatically store product information into the system. Meanwhile, our mobile sales app gives your sales team complete access to the same system, online or offline:

  • Manage PO receipts and adjust orders
  • Create pallets of multiple items for putaway 
  • Pick, package and transport finished goods at the drop of a hat
  • Organize and maintain records of mobile warehouse transactions 
  • Convert raw materials into WIP and return balances to storage 
  • Monitor physical condition of all inventory in the warehouse 
  • Access quality control information of all raw materials 
  • Verify your entire inventory’s location, ID, lot number, quantity, and much more.

Customers working with
inecta Wine Distribution Software


Looking at other systems was painful. Once we found inecta, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, owner of JBL Foods


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wine Distributor Software?

Wine Distributor Software is designed for Producers and Distributors. It allows for the accounting, digitization, and centralization of important company data and processes. Real-time, accurate information from finance, sales, inventory, processing, transport, and other business functions allows for clarity in decision-making and forecasting.

What are the benefits of using Wine Distributor Software?

Wine Distributor Software is a valuable tool for managing inventory, sales teams, and distribution processes for wine importers and beverage distributors. The software offers robust features for tracking inventory levels, sales performance, and supplier purchasing information. With Wine Distributor Software, users can easily manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations, track sales orders and returns, and streamline the delivery and invoicing processes.

For wine importers and distributors, the software provides visibility into the entire supply chain, from forecasting to supplier management to warehouse operations. This allows users to make informed decisions and manage their business with greater efficiency. Wine Distributor Software is particularly useful for beverage importers and wine distributors who are looking to optimize their operations and improve their customer service.


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