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Seafood ERP: The Savior of Seafood Traders

Seafood traders for long have endured sufferings at the hands of governing agencies. To add fuel to the fire, the high intensity of competition with more and more demanding customers is squeezing in on the margins. This was one of the primary reasons why seafood traders today especially those at a small and medium scale are struggling for a steady cash flow and eventually going out of business.


To speak volumes of the struggles of seafood traders, let’s dig deep into the challenges seafood traders face today:

1) Compliance

Governing bodies like GFSA, SQF, and FSMA continue to breathe down the necks of seafood traders with a whole host of compliance requirements. Managing every minute compliance at every stage of production is an uphill battle and any violation on any account sees the end of that particular seafood trader for good.

2) Catchweight variability

The standard weight quoted for seafood was prone to variability when compared to the actual weight of seafood. Consequentially, the losses which were incurred owing to this variability in weight were borne by seafood traders. To top that the lack of transparency from an end consumer standpoint meant seafood traders lost their credibility as well.

3) Lack of real time data

Real time monitoring of seafood to check which product was at which stage of production was not possible leading to inefficiency and added inventory cost

4) No Traceability

Invade of grievances it was not possible to establish the lot and batch connection of that seafood leading to more and more grievances from end consumers

5) Low Quality seafood

With labor-intensive manufacturing techniques, the quality of seafood produced was inferior and lead to disgruntled customers

What’s the Solution?

A well designed seafood ERP system is the only way to overcome the obstacles seafood traders face. Seafood ERP brings to the table the following solutions:

1) Catchweight management

With seafood ERP, end consumers pay for the actual weight of seafood at the time of invoice. Hence for no losses are incurred. To top that, the transparency of having to pay for what you purchase creates valuable goodwill from consumers for seafood traders.

2) Compliance

Thanks to seafood ERP there are test and checks at every stage of production to ensure compliance and keep the governing agencies at bay.

3) Quality Assurance

Seafood ERP leads to an automated manufacturing process leading to higher greater quality assurance (QA)

4) Traceability

Every seafood product gets an attached bar code which helps to trace back to its lot number and batch number owing to seafood ERP. This is very useful to handle grievances and dispose of defective lots in turn leading to better grievance handling and customer relationship management.

5) Real Time Monitoring

A seafood trader can keep a close eye with regard to which seafood is at what stage of production and track it every step of the way at all times raising the operational efficiency game up a notch.

Seafood Traders for long have resisted seafood ERP categorizing it as a liability owing to the cash it blocks but with many ERP players like iNECTA offering flexible packages based on need, it makes ERP a necessity, not a luxury. An investment, not an expense. Seafood traders at the end of the day will reap what they sow. Thus, the decision to install seafood ERP or not will be a make or break, for either seafood traders succumb to the challenges or embrace them with Seafood ERP.

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Free Valuable Resource!

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.