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Health Care and Life Sciences Industry Concerned About Supply Shortages

The world is going through a coronavirus pandemic and like everything, healthcare and the consumer industry is getting affected too. The representatives of industries such as Clorox, PepsiCo, Procter, and Gamble had a meeting with the state department and informed them about their concerns regarding the other countries cutting off exports to the United States, which can result in even worse conditions.

While the supply chains in the US are strong enough to supply essentials to the Americans, and there isn’t any need for them to hoard anything, it isn’t stopping them from doing so and this is resulting in their shortage. To counter this, the federal government and executives are working together to make sure the food and other essentials stay available throughout this coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 being a pandemic means that it is affecting almost every country in the world, countries that export base materials, chemicals, and other key ingredients for medical supplies and food. Countries like India, which already has limited its export of acetaminophen, a painkiller for flu, and Germany, which has limited its exports of protective equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. They are doing so to have enough supplies for their own countries, but this is resulting in the shortage of essential medicines and equipment to control the spread of COVID-19 in the United States of America. The companies in the United States are in contact with the US government to work with foreign traders in order to lift the tariffs.

As the coronavirus inevitably spreads throughout the world, more countries are going to take this approach of limiting the exports to fulfill the increased demands in their country. This will result in drastic supply chain shortages in the United States of America. While the government is working to mitigate any potential supply chain issues and food shortages, there is no guarantee it will solve the problem. Not only that, the USA is expected to face a shortage of laboratory equipment and personal protective gear for medical professionals.

With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire everywhere in the world, there is an expected shortage of food and other essentials due to the disruption of supply chains. While there are many ways to mitigate the situation to some extent, ERP software is one efficient way to go. In this case, Food ERP can help with the proper prediction of which food is available and which is expected to be short in recent days. With the help of food ERP software, consumer industries can better prepare themselves for the supply chain issues and do better disaster management. ERP software is not going to produce anything, but it will help the consumer industry to better manage the resources they have. Food ERP can help the industry to meet the demand as much as possible.

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