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How China’s Medical Supply Strategy Dominates

China has been known as the epicenter of the global pandemic currently impacting our lives. Now, the country is primed to take over the medical supply industry from here on out. The need for medical supplies like gowns, masks, disinfectant and more has placed a large amount of stress on suppliers. This has caused other countries to open up or repurpose existing factories in order to meet the overwhelming demand. When the need begins to lessen, it might not be feasible to keep these factories around. However, China’s factories are prepped to last well into the future, possibly to provide medical supplies for the next major outbreak.

This grip that China has on its own medical supplies stems from its need to lessen its dependence on imported supplies. This mentality didn’t stop at medical supplies, as China looked to replace foreign forms of energy with local energy providers. The country also looked for cleaner methods of energy production by working with solar and wind energy. China has also worked towards the same dominating strategy in the mobile industry, especially with the world moving towards the next level of connectivity with 5G.

China was already leading the world in medical supply production, but the coronavirus outbreak ramped up their production even more. They’re producing greater amounts of the unique fabric used to make protective masks, more than any American company to date. Companies that choose to produce masks in the US aren’t confident that the need for masks will remain strong going forward despite many states experiencing resurgences of the coronavirus. Texas has recently required its citizens to wear masks in public places, which allows for the idea that the market for medical supplies will remain strong.

The problem with China monopolizing the medical supply industry lies in the way they decide who to ship their wares to. This has prompted countries to put more emphasis on making their own supplies, with both America and France making promises to put more effort into sustaining their medical supply production. However, with the amount of viral outbreaks China has dealt with, including SARS, the need for medical supplies was great and caused the country to put their production into overdrive.

Many of the companies within China that make medical supplies enjoy the backing and funding of the Chinese government. It gives these companies a great amount of power and importance. It remains to be seen whether other countries can follow suit or even keep up with China.

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