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Are More Nutraceutical Makers Turning to Pharmaceutical-Grade Equipment?

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries have a lot in common, they both share almost the same delivery system i.e. Pills, tablets, gels etc.

The question arises;

Can nutraceutical companies employ the technology from pharmaceutical companies? The answer to this question is yes. They can.

The most common example is pills. Both of the life sciences industries share this common ground, while the pharmaceutical industries have more advanced delivery systems due to the complex ingredients, whereas the nutraceuticals are fairly simple. For example, “Immediate-release, delayed-release, sustained-release etc. These delivery technologies are commonly used within the pharmaceutical industries, but they can also be used in the nutraceutical industry.

The techniques pharmaceutical industries are using are more advanced. Nutraceuticals don’t have a system to add two incompatible ingredients to the same tablet, on the other hand pharmaceuticals have devised such ways to do that, either by using capsule in capsule approach, or pellets/beads with powdered liquid etc. This technology can be used by nutraceuticals to administer their nutrients into the body. Another technology currently being used by pharmaceuticals as well as nutraceuticals, is bilayer tablets, these tablets combine different products in different layers for more efficient function.

The difference between the pills from two industries is simple, while the pharmaceuticals have fewer active ingredients, which are focused for one task. Nutraceuticals consist of pills with more active ingredients. This causes some issues, for example, the filler ingredients in pharmaceutical pills act as a medium for their functioning, while on the other hand, nutraceuticals have more active ingredients so they can’t add more filler ingredients, which can interfere with the working of the pills. However, there is no denying that life sciences industries can share the technology. Nutraceuticals can use the pharmaceutical grade equipment, there are Nutra-Kits that are available for nutraceutical industries that can help bridge the gap between the two industries.

Since nutraceuticals industries are going for a system change, it is wise to employ the use of nutraceutical ERP. Nutraceutical ERP is a software, geared for the nutraceutical industry. It can help with the incorporation of new technology in a much efficient way. Not only that, the nutraceutical ERP can also help the stakeholders financially plan the capital needed for the upgrade and can spread it over the years. This all process will become more efficient if the companies and the industries as a whole decides to employ nutraceutical ERP. Incorporation of pharmaceutical grade technology is a way to go for the nutraceutical industry.

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