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Get Your Food Software Demo

We’ll show you how you can...

  • Combine disparate software and processes into 1 powerful system
  • Gain complete accountability and visibility of all your business data
  • Streamline your food business’ operational efficiency
  • Track and trace at every step for food safety
  • Improve your bottom line by reducing waste
  • Implement quickly and successfully with out-of-the box functionality

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Demo FAQs

Why do I need to schedule a demo? Isn’t there some video I can watch right now?

Inecta Food is built for the food industry, but every business, like yours, has specific needs. We want to make sure we address those needs during your personalized demo of the software.

What is the process for demoing the software?

Your first step involves filling out the form on this page. We’ll then reach out to you to schedule a short discovery call. A discovery call lets us gather information about your business so we can then set up a personalized demo that addresses your needs.

How long is the discovery call and demo?

The discovery call and initial demo usually take less than an hour each. We can talk longer if you feel the need. Totally up to you!

If I give you my contact info, how do I know you won’t spam me or sell my information?

We’ll never sell your contact info. It’s only used to contact you for the initial discovery call and if you continue to engage in the sales process after your demo.