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7 Reasons Why You Would Use Inecta Food Trader Extension over BC Basic

By Michael Dautner, March 22, 2021

Tags: Cloud ERP, Food, Food ERP, ERP Software, Trader

If at this point, you’re unfamiliar with BC and are looking for a bit more background knowledge, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP solution designed and powered by Microsoft. The Business Central product is a part of the parent Microsoft Dynamics brand. For all intents and purposes, BC is an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Business Central is truly the future of ERP, and countless customers have implemented the software and are now reaping the benefits.

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Basic may serve your minimal needs as a Trader, there is a chance you’re missing out on an even more beneficial option. The INECTA Food Trader Extension offers a multitude of vertical-specific features that perfectly compliment the ever-burgeoning food trading space. Built on the foundation of Business Central, the INECTA Food solution for Traders is specifically designed with traders in mind, homing in on the very unique requirements that shape the food trading industry. INECTA Food is backed by ERP specialists that have extensive food industry experience and know exactly what your food trading business needs for success. Our team of highly trained consultants and developers know exactly how to leverage our software to fit your business’s specific needs and alleviate pain points.

The following features demonstrate the 7 reasons why you would choose the INECTA Food Trader extension over the standard Business Central offering:

  1. Transportation Management System

Business Central does not have any Transportation Management system to control the flow of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Transfer Orders. INECTA Food has a strong Transportation Management System which makes it easier to manage logistics.

  1. Landed Costs

A Trader needs to track the expected and actual landed costs throughout the purchasing and sales cycle.  Business Central does have a way to capture landed costs, but it is not sophisticated enough to handle Trader scenarios. INECTA Food has improved this area dramatically so that cost visibility and application are up to par with the needs of the Trader.

  1. Lot Management and Traceability

The management of lots and traceability is paramount in Food.  Although Business Central supports lot control, it is very minimal. INECTA Food has enhanced lot tracing and lot management extensively to make it easier for the Food Trader to move lots around the supply chain, accurately capture complex lot information and business logic and accumulate the correct cost onto the lot.

  1. Inbound Inventory visibility and soft reservations

The ability to reserve inventory that has not yet been received to sales or transfers is critical to the Trader. INECTA Food allows you to allocate the inbound inventory and understand the expected costing involved in the transaction.

  1. 3PL Management

INECTA Food makes it easier for the user to manage 3PL warehouse communications as well as accounting for the costs incurred. INECTA Food allows the user to allocate the costs to the value of the inventory being stored.

  1. Built-in EDI

INECTA Food comes with a built-in EDI which allows the system to integrate to 3PLs, VANs, Trading Partners, Freighters, and Freight Forwarders. INECTA Food EDI is very versatile and can handle multiple standards, such as US EDI, EDIFACT, web services, flat files, and more.

  1. Expert Team

INECTA Food has an expert team that is implementing and improving the Food Trader product daily.  We are laser-focused on the Food Trader business processes and will usually have the answers ready for questions that arise during and after the implementation. This will greatly improve the success rate of a project.

Upon signing up for the INECTA Food Trader extension, you immediately gain access to all of the aforementioned features right out of the box, with no customization required. That being said, INECTA understands that our solution isn’t “one size fits all,” therefore, INECTA is capable of providing any and all customizations to the software your business may require. INECTA Food is undeniably the preferred option to serve the specific industry requirements that traders demand. We have years of experience working hands-on with traders and know exactly how to optimize every facet of your business. From logistics to warehousing to cost control, INECTA Food has you covered from A to Z.

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.