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National Wine Day: Why Your Wine Business Needs a Capable ERP

It’s National Wine Day, and that means thousands of people across the U.S. will be uncorking their favorite Chardonnay or Pinot Noir and celebrating the day properly. At INECTA, this to be the perfect opportunity to examine how wine businesses in the U.S. and abroad can benefit from a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like INECTA Food. There’s a lot that goes into the production of a fine bottle of wine. From planting the vines to growing the grapes to maturity, it’s a long process to produce delicious wine. Every stage of wine production, bottling, storage, and sales requires a considerable amount of attention. How do responsible wine companies keep track of all their multiple processes? The most innovative wine businesses integrate their daily workflows with industry-specific software solutions like INECTA Food.

What exactly can a capable ERP system do for your wine business? Everything from enhanced quality control and compliance to mobile warehousing and sales. When wine companies integrate with a solid ERP solution like INECTA Food, they reduce manual data entry and duplication of tasks to improve operational efficiency and output. INECTA Food offers several vital modules explicitly designed to elevate wine businesses.

These key modules include: 

Quality Control: Guarantee the safety and quality of your product from all stages of production

Lot Traceability: Track and trace your products backward and forward throughout the supply chain. Stamp out the chance of a recall by monitoring every lot upon its creation until the customer purchases it.

Cost Control: Get complete visibility of all finished product costs by controlling all input materials and processes.

Mobile Warehousing & Sales: In the warehouse, use any Android-powered scan gun to store wine product information into the system automatically.

Regulatory & Compliance: Ensure your compliance following FDA guidelines and other authority regulations by leveraging INECTA’s connection to Genesis R&D Food Formulation and Labeling Software.

Drag and Drop Scheduling: INECTA’s Drag and Drop Production Scheduling feature allows you to seamlessly move orders around as needed in the event of any scheduling or capacity issues that may arise throughout the production process.

Through the help of several key modules, you can elevate your business’s overall efficiency across the board. INECTA’s dedicated team of developers and consultants have extensive experience working closely with Food and Beverage companies and can help you get the most out of your Food ERP solution. Wine is what you do; helping wine companies realize their full potential is what we do—with unmatched, state-of-the-art ERP software.

For more information about INECTA Food for Wine & Spirits, please visit https://www.inecta.com/wine

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