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Delivering produce quality through efficient operations

Produce packers and shippers know better than anyone else that accuracy and efficiency are key to operating a successful company. Particularly with leafy salads and soft fruits; from the time you receive the crop you’re up against the clock to deliver a fresh, quality product to your customers. inecta Produce Packer & Shipper provides all the tools to ensure your product reaches its destination safely.


Manage inventory across single or multiple sites

Whether you are overseeing inventory for single or multiple warehouses in different locations, states or countries, inecta provides a scalable solution to manage inventory. With cloud-based technology, data updates in real-time, so your team is always working with the latest information to manage FIFO stock rotation, minimum expiration dates by customer and supplier lead-times across multiple products.


Streamline administration and improve order accuracy

inecta Produce Packer & Shipper automates many manual tasks, saving you time and money. Generate customer labels, bill of lading, picking documents, invoices at the touch of a button. Streamline daily tasks and reduce manual errors through features such as automated barcode scanning of incoming and outgoing goods, directed pick and pack and integrated scale weighing.


Supports produce traceability compliance with robust tracking

inecta can help your business become Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) label-compliant with electronic produce traceability that enables you to quickly trace and track any item quickly from source to shipping. Lot traceability through Inecta is highly flexible, you choose what attributes to track, helping you manage SQF / HACCP / GFSI / FSMA, PTI and allergen tracking requirements with assurance.


Ongoing support from Inecta's friendly experts

We know that software changes can feel daunting to many. Our dedicated team is there to support you from discovery, training to implementation and beyond. We take care of all upgrades automatically for you, ensuring that you are always on the latest version. If you need advice or assistance, our expert customer support team is always available whenever you need it.



One Team. One Integrated Solution.

inecta connects all your departments in a single easy-to-use interface.



  • Manage inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Vendor management
  • Forecast demand
  • Set stock targets
  • Price management
  • Rebates
  • Manage lead-times
  • Check overstock items


  • Quality Control Dashboard
  • Log daily QC checks & sampling
  • Manage QC tolerances
  • Manage control and release
  • Easy recall operation
  • Allergen tracking
  • Smart device enabled
  • Print QC labels
  • Manage documentation


  • Full ingredient traceability
  • Complete product tracking
  • Robust Recall process
  • Allergen management
  • Certification management
  • Extended Lot visibility
  • Track expiration dates
  • Smart device enabled


  • Android-based application
  • RF/RFID/smart scan guns
  • Pick & put away scanners
  • Pallet license plates
  • Bin management
  • Cross-docking
  • Scale integration
  • Catchweight / Variable weight
  • Add on 3- PL
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx integration


  • Organize production schedule
  • Allocate costs by activity
  • Post costs to accounting ledger
  • Reverse BOM management
  • Materials requirement planning
  • Yield reporting
  • Smart device enabled


  • Full customer history
  • Pricing history
  • Fast order entry
  • Direct EDI orders
  • Filter available items by criteria
  • Sell by variable and fixed weight
  • Automatic invoicing


  • Plan routes & shipments
  • Link shipping agents
  • Create transportation orders
  • Freight rate matrix
  • Truck staging
  • Generate receipts per order
  • Invoice transportation


  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Control credit and collection
  • Vendor information card
  • Aged debt visibility
  • Process rebates
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Automatic payments
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Base reporting package
  • MS Office integration
  • Download to MS Excel, Word
  • Simple user interface
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Data visualization
  • Power Bi (Add-on)

Inventory Management

Track, store and move products easily from production to distribution:

  • Track items with pinpoint precision
  • Instantly locate products wherever they are in storage
  • Manage product in multiple trucks, freezers, or warehouses in real-time
  • Track yield percent
  • Track duration of time spent in inventory units per minute
  • Determine estimated time of completion
  • Manage production line work orders

Advanced Transport Management

Plan routes and shipments across multiple drop locations and assign customer orders to those planned routes:

  • Efficiently and accurately manage shipments routes
  • Trace product journeys forward and backward
  • Pre-define multiple routes at once
  • Link shipping agent info to transportation orders
  • Quickly invoice for transportation expenses

Additional Produce Features

Lot Traceability

Lot traceability through inecta is highly flexible, ensuring that all produce can be tracked both forwards and backwards throughout the supply chain. inecta Produce Packer & Shipper allows you to set multiple lot attributes for different crops, varieties, grades or location to ensure that all products are seamlessly accounted for, ensuring full produce traceability and food assurance.

Quality Control

Your quality control and assurance department sets the standards and ensures compliance throughout the manufacturing process or supply chain. Record and track their daily QC checks, manage hold and release of ingredients and print off labels directly through smart-enabled devices efficiently as they go.

Our software helps your team meet expected quality standards and manage documentation for smooth audits and mock product recalls.

Grower Accounting

inecta integrates your sales and purchasing with financial management, making it easier to manage accounts receivable and payable. Offering specific grower accounting functionality, you can automatically generate sharable dashboards or static reports for separate growers to see their status.

Customers working with
inecta Produce Packer & Shipper Software


Looking at other systems was painful. Once we found inecta, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, owner of JBL Foods

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