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3 Tips for Keeping Your Produce Fresher for Longer

No one wants to see the rotten fruits in the fridge. As we are looking to incorporate fruits and other produce in our diets, we need to find the ways to keep it edible for longer periods of time, so we can actually eat them before they aren’t edible anymore. There are certain ways which can help us to extend the life of our produce picks. This isn’t just the issue of households, rather produce industry, but they can also follow these steps to improve the situation for them.


First, you must know what food you are getting, organic or not. If the produce you are getting is organic, it is better not to wash it before putting in the fridge, but it’s better to wash it before eating. If it’s not organic, it is better to wash the produce as soon as possible. Water increases the breakdown of perishable produce like berries and greens; hence it is better to buy them organic and not wash them.

Produce washes; such as produce vinegar wash is also usable if you aren’t able to wash it with the water for some reason, but it speeds up the breakdown process so it’s better just to wash it before you are going to eat it.

FDA also has given some recommendations regarding the shelf life extension of the produce, such as: cutting away the damaged and bruised areas of the produce and drying them with a clean cloth to remove bacteria etc.


When it comes to the storage, it is recommended that in order to keep the produce fresh for longer periods of time, you can use the reusable bags that help remove chemicals in the air, and prevent the decay by creating a seal.

For greens, wrapping them in a paper towel in order to absorb the moisture is very helpful. Also, for produce such as herbs or other similar greens, trimming keeps them fresher for longer periods of time.


Most of the people store their produce in a fridge. The temperature of the fridge is very important to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods of time. We need to understand which produce goes where based on the temperature of the compartments of a fridge. Every fridge is different, but the general idea is that; meat needs to be cool immediately, so it goes in the coldest compartment, whilst fruits and vegetables can go into the less cold compartment. Some fruits and vegetables aren’t supposed to be kept in the fridge, as it destroys their taste and texture. With some research, you can find the ideal spots for the produce in your house to keep it fresh for longer periods of time.

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