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Is Produce Software Worth It? Yes, & Here’s Why

Produce software companies offer you near-endless options for managing your produce manufacturing business. However, not every solution is created equal. Your produce software business benefits most from a centralized, strategically crafted solution that is designed to meet the needs of both the producer and consumer,  giving you a seamless experience for strategic management and growth.

Read on to learn more about what to look for in a produce management software, and benefits you can enjoy from successful implementation.

Evaluating produce software companies: What should I look for in produce management software? 

The needs of every produce-growing business are different. Ultimately, you’ll want a solution that addresses your needs in a comprehensive way. To help you to choose your solution in the most strategic way possible, consider the following recommendations. These are designed to help you make the choice that offers the most holistic benefit for the total cost offered. 

  • Connect: Reach out to the teams and different agents at produce software companies that you’re considering. You can get a true sense of how they treat their customers beyond the sales department, and what type of a culture you’ll be partnering with by investing in the software. 
  • Consider: Purchase for the current scale you’re working with at the given moment. Investing in a tool beyond your current scope can lead to affordability issues down the line, especially with the current market instability. 
  • Customize: When determining if a tool works for you, consider what level of customization you’re looking for and use it as a key metric of your evaluation process. This can make a tool easily scalable and offer more longevity than other options as your business grows and scales. 

What benefits can you get from produce management software? 

Produce management software sourced from a reputable produce management software company can offer you a near-endless range of benefit – at any season of business. 

Read on for just a few of the most important benefits you can enjoy from the successful implementation of a produce management tool. 

Budgetary management 

While you can successfully manage your budget outside of a system or software, it’s far more efficient to use a centralized system to manage your operational finances. Your software can rely on advanced automation to track trends and ebbs in your buy/sell flow, expenditures, and other relevant information that can inform your process – tracking it seamlessly in a graphically-led analysis that offers true-to-time updated information. 

You can then use this information across departments to shift strategies, track for more granular elements or specific trends, or share this information across your organization or to key stakeholders in your operational management hierarchy. This can all be done in mere seconds, thanks to convenient cloud hosting that so many produce management software options have adopted. 

Reduced wastage 

With the enhanced features that come with a sophisticated food ERP, also come significantly less wastage. This is due to the advanced tracking and management tools you can integrate into every step of your process, promoting more efficient methods of planting and growth planning for every growing season.

Consider selecting a food ERP that has the capability of inventory management support and ongoing optimization for best results, as you’ll be able to enjoy a more in-depth range of benefits over the course of your experience. These may include perks such as: 

  • Shipment recommendations: AI-supported growth management software options may include shipment recommendations: allowing you to track each batch or lot of produce and ship it at its peak point of freshness for your clients. 
  • Tracking: Less lost batches means less overall wastage. While tracking equally supports the goal of sustainability and traceability across your food business, it also can work actively to mitigate waste as your deliveries go out. 
  • Order management (internal and external): Using a centralized system to organize your produce business offers both internal and external benefits. Internal management and purchases (such as fertilizer, soil add-ins, and other tools) can be better managed, saving you resources over time. External benefits include more effective tracking of batches, and automatic analysis around when the next ones may need to go out This allows your team to provide flawless customer service while reducing the risk of waste in this area of operations. 

Quality control support 

As a produce grower, you’re aware of how much differentiation can take place during the growth process. An ERP can assist you in quality control across multiple different areas; acting as a tool for organizational knowledge management, and providing clear tracking and data management that help you to refine your growing processes.

Where to find top produce management software companies 

Sound familiar? You don’t have to look any longer. Inecta is the premiere produce management software company in the space, providing high quality, custom ERP solutions to some of the top food manufacturing and production companies in the United States. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 20+ years in the food ERP space, we’re here to help you walk away with the best possible solution for your produce software needs. For more information and to get started today, please visit our website. We look forward to connecting soon. 

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.