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Scramble for Medical Equipment Descends Into Chaos as U.S. States and Hospitals Compete for Rare Supplies

By Michael Dautner, March 31, 2020


Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted almost every industry in the world and supply chains are in shock. The prices for the goods available in the market are at an all-time high. The most significant impact is being faced by the medical equipment manufacturers, as they aren’t able to meet the demands of the medical supplies such as N95 masks, personal protection suits, and medical equipment such as ventilators. Medical equipment wholesalers are out of stock and the new production is slow because of the shortage of raw material for N95 masks and other medical supplies.

The hospitals that are facing a severe shortage of medical supplies are asking for donations from construction companies and other places such as nail salons and tattoo parlors etc. They are even asking for the donations for medical equipment like ventilators from the veterinary clinics that are designed for big animals. The market for medical supplies has descended into chaos.

It is not the issue of the money; the medical equipment manufacturers aren’t able to produce the medical supplies. According to the survey, it will take at least 30,000 ventilators to keep the hospitals able enough to help the people affected by the virus breathe. Medical equipment manufacturers aren’t able to produce them and medical equipment wholesalers don’t have this amount in their stock.

The officials are asking the government to force the manufacturers to produce more medical supplies, under the war act, but the American government is hesitant and implying that this shortage is short-lived as many of the life sciences field manufacturers are volunteering to produce the masks and other medical equipment. Not only that, the medical officials, the people associated with life sciences, and the hospital administration are trying to buy masks all over the globe. The situation as of right now is still critical, there is a shortage of masks and other medical supplies.

In order to counter this situation more efficiently than it is being handled, we can use the medical equipment ERP. Medical equipment ERP can help the officials and hospitals to manage the supplies they have available in a much better way and in a controlled manner. Medical equipment ERP can also help the hospitals estimate the demand for the equipment and supplies more accurately, making it easier to manage. They can give accurate numbers and can help the authorities in getting the required supplies.

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