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In Conversation with Seafood Trader: Sea Delight

We recently took some time out to have an intimate conversation with one of our valued Seafood customers, Sea Delight, to discuss their experience with INECTA ERP. Sea Delight, LLC was founded in 2006 by Eugenio and Margarita Sanchez, the owners of ADS Seafood, LLC dba Atlantic Fisheries, with the goal of targeting the market with top-quality fresh and frozen seafood products. Through their unyielding commitment to providing superior products, unmatched customer service, and unwavering principles regarding responsible business practices, Sea Delight, and its sister companies, have climbed the rungs of the seafood industry ladder with an emphasis on international conservation.

Sea Delight is a seafood company whose goal is “to provide (their) customers with consistently high-quality products, product continuity, excellent attention to customer needs, timely deliveries, competitive prices, product safety and their commitment to responsible business practices. (Their) customers range from worldwide retail wholesalers and supermarket giants to foodservice distributors and international restaurant chains.”

They are a seafood brand with a specific mission that they formed upon their founding which is “to provide the highest quality fresh seafood in the frozen form that is sold at competitive prices with premier customer service while remaining dedicated to global conservation by educating and partnering with responsible fisheries.” Sea Delight’s vision is to “improve the quality of life of the people who desire to produce, store, transport, and consume healthy seafood products. (They) strive to continue to add profitable, high-quality lines of product that exceed the expectations of consumers worldwide and inspire all to participate in global conservation and sustainability efforts.”

These may seem like just lofty ideals, but not for Sea Delight. They are a company that truly practices what they preach in providing their customers with high quality, but more importantly safe and sustainable seafood products. In order to carry the load, Sea Delight was in desperate need of upping its ability to streamline multiple aspects of its business. Most notably, their ability to trace lots was seriously lacking before they turned to an ERP that could suit their needs.

Sea Delight was previously using GP and could not handle the volume or capacity required for proper traceability and reporting. After speaking to Sea Delight about why they elected to switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and then later to Business Central, and INECTA Food for seafood traders, it became clear why they were seeking an upgrade.

“(INECTA’s lot tracing capability) was one of the main features that stood out the most because it was something we had spent a lot of time customizing in GP. All the tools and analytical reporting were there straight out of the box with the seafood module. It gave us a lot of capability without having to customize so much, and that was extremely important to us. In this industry, it`s probable that you may have a recall and this tool is built for those insistences. Traceability at its finest. We also found it fascinating that you can upload images of the actual species or products per item code or group and generate very sophisticated sales reports with all the data. Overall Business Central and INECTA Food for seafood traders were exactly what we were looking for when it came to a technologically advanced system for our seafood business.”

Sea Delight was unsatisfied with GP, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets before that. It was clear that they needed a boost with the help of a state-of-the-art ERP system geared specifically toward seafood traders. The INECTA Food seafood trader solution is designed to streamline multiple daily processes to eliminate the typical headaches attached to seafood trading. INECTA’s brilliant seafood-specific vertical is designed to expedite certain aspects of seafood trading businesses so that the product is seamlessly accounted for throughout its supply chain journey. From catch to counter, INECTA Food’s seafood trader solution ensures that your product makes it to the marketplace with ultimate precision and traceability.

But the INECTA Food solution isn’t only about the software capabilities, it’s also about the people behind the software. INECTA is composed of ERP experts and specialists who are highly experienced in delivering stellar ERP consultation and implementations. INECTA customer success and customer support team is a 24/7/365 international service that is available to field any questions or concerns, anywhere, anytime. This fact was not lost on Sea Delight who commented “obviously the main factor (for choosing INECTA) was their team of experts and the consulting firm as a whole. At the end of the day, it`s just software, but when you have a good consulting firm backing you up, that makes a huge difference and quite frankly takes a lot of that load/worry off of us. The team at iNecta basically told us “this is what you need to get done. This is what we need from you and we'll take care of the rest. That made the entire implementation/migration process so much smoother.”

Sea Delight also really appreciated INECTA’s EDI platform, mentioning why their previous EDI practices were not cutting it, and how much INECTA EDI impacted their business in a positive way. “The entire EDI module through INECTA was simple and straightforward from day one comparing to all other prior systems we used. With INECTA, we have the EDI module and the Sales module all in one software, whereas before we had two different software/databases, one for our operating system and one for EDI. It was great to know that everything was handled under one database, which made everything seamless. When the EDI orders came through it automatically created the sales order for us. If there was an error, it was pretty straightforward to identify and resolve. Before with GP, we had to learn how to decipher the raw data errors through the very technical EDI lingo which made it difficult to translate and understand what the error was.”

Sea Delight has been working on INECTA’s platform for some time now and has reaped the benefits of integrating with marquis software powered by Microsoft Dynamics. As their business continues to grow, so too does their relationship with INECTA as their needs as a company evolves. Thankfully, INECTA’s robust system allows for tailored customization based on a company’s expectations and requirements. We would like to give a warm thank you to Marilyn Reyes at Sea Delight and Sea Delight as a whole for providing us with her time and gracious feedback regarding her experience with INECTA and INECTA Food for Seafood Traders.

For all your seafood needs, please visit Sea-Delight.com

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