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Online Produce for Customers

By Michael Collins, January 29, 2019

Tags: iNECTA Produce, Produce


What makes the prospect of buying your fruits and vegetables online so desirable? It can be explained in several key factors. The first is convenience. As with everything else on the market, people are moving away from getting into their cars and driving to the grocery store to pick up the essential ingredients for tonight’s homemade chili. Instead, consumers are looking to online platforms who’s promise of fresh delivered produce right to their doorstep is too good to deny. We’re only human after all, and we live in the pinnacle age of convenience. So why should we be expected to hoof it to the farmers market in order to purchase ripe tomatoes, or in-season blueberries? This is a question that companies like Fresh Direct, Instacart, etc., have answered.

It's not really a mystery as to why online produce purchasing has seen a significant increase, people are more likely to buy produce if they can do it with just the click of a button on their smartphone or laptop, etc. With online produce shopping being at the pinnacle of convenience, people are more likely to make the choice to consume more fruits and vegetables. This serves to benefit the consumer and the industry as a whole. We don’t need to designate any part of this article to discuss the health benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Let’s just say that is a fact that most people are aware of when they do their online grocery shopping and the produce industry is reaping the benefits.

Companies like FreshDirect have done a great job making their online shopping experience as pleasurable and convenient as possible. They make it enjoyable for customers to peruse the offerings on their main website, featuring certain fruits and vegetables with special deals or seasonal items. Once a customer finds a product that catches their eye, they simply add the product to their cart and move on to the next item. These sites even offer a few ways to get the most out of your produce within their time before expiration. With helpful tips about where to store your produce, and how to prepare meals with the produce you buy is a nice little touch, with the aim of bringing customers back to order more groceries.

All of a sudden, it ultimately behooves the produce industry to leverage these online mediums and sell their products to them. In some rare cases, produce companies will exclusively distribute their products via these online produce platforms. Imagine a world where you don’t have to fight over the ripest hand of bananas in the produce section of the grocery store. This is the trajectory of the industry, as it is with many on other consumable goods. The fact of the matter is fruits and vegetables being delivered to your doorstep is a tantalizing enterprise that can be embraced by all. When you consider how you’re eliminating the need for transportation entirely, fresh produce has never seemed so attainable and accessible.

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