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Where to Get Fresh Produce During COVID-19

fresh produce during covid19We are currently going through a major historical event in the form of coronavirus pandemic. In order to control the spread of this virus, people are recommended to stay at home and avoid any sort of social interaction. People are moving towards different sources for their produce requirements. People, specifically New Yorkers, are turning towards CSA or better known as community supported agriculture. The CSA delivers the food right from the farm to you and with the people needing to stay at home, and have to cook for themselves, they are a popular choice. The produce industry is going through a crisis with the shock to their supply chains. Produce growers are using CSA services like farm to people, to ship the produce to the consumers. Services like these are getting more and more popular and are greatly in demand. They are the only working members of the produce industry. The produce shippers are essential and an integral part of the whole delivery process, especially in these times.

While the other sectors of the industry are shutting down, the services like farm to people are low on staff and have to adjust their schedules. According to their C.E.O., their subscriptions jumped from 60 per week to 300 per week, and they had to stop the subscriptions because they are unable to meet the demand. They are in need for new employees and more robust timings.

The rise of these services is good for the produce growers, the produce shippers and the produce traders. Due to the closing of many restaurants, the local farmers were unable to sell their product, as the huge number of restaurants are the customers of these farms. With the rise of these services, they can get back to delivering the produce for the population.

With the sudden increase in the customer base and subscribers, services like farm to people need a managing system that can better and more effectively utilize all the resources at their disposal, the software like Produce ERP are perfect for these conditions. They are developed with keeping the produce industry in mind; hence they can quickly adapt to the business model of these services. The software can help with the better and more effective management of the staff, the delivery and the resources. Produce ERPs are fully capable of being the managerial software for the services like farm to people. They can prevent their services from getting overwhelmed.

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