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Summer Season Produce & ERP: The Ideal Match

From the harmful effects of humidity in the rainy season to the decaying effects of high summer temperatures: all manufacturing, and processing businesses handling fresh produce need food ERP.       

So, what is ERP and why is it so important for companies operating in these categories especially while handling summer produce? ERP or enterprise resource planning is a software that allows businesses to manage their day-to-day operations by integrating activities like project management, supply chain management, procurement and inventory, risk assessment, compliance, etc. This information is available in real-time which makes the process of managing the company’s operations transparent and efficient.

Importance of Produce ERP

The way each business handles its production is often unique and customized. To further understand this concept, let us take an example of an ERP solution provider like Inecta. With a need-based subscription plan, Inecta caters to a whole host of clients who operate at different scales of production across multiple sectors. In the context of seasonal produce in summers Inecta’s ERP solution brings to the table features like inventory management, warehousing, and storage and temperature controls making it an invaluable asset. These can be optimized with produce ERP. Based on the scale of operations, customizations needed, and industry—Inecta’s ERP can be leveraged to attain operational efficiency and competitive advantage, making it an invaluable asset to a food producer. 

In hindsight produce ERP specializes in enabling companies to ensure that the produce has followed all set standards and is thereby fit for consumption. With seasonal changes, especially the high temperatures of summer, handling fresh produce becomes a process that must be scrutinized at each stage to ensure quality and food safety. 

Benefits of Produce ERP in Summers 

Manage Seasonal Variability in Supply Chain: 

A produce ERP system allows space for managing the ups and downs of seasonality. Extreme weather conditions often disrupt the supply chain, which now is even more difficult to predict, given the climate change going on. The produce ERP system can identify gaps in the supply chain when such situations occur, effectively allowing the business to manage areas of improvement.

Storage and Warehousing: 

From seasonal produce to what is available year-round, all products have requirements when it comes to their ideal storage conditions as well as temperature control requirements. It is even more so in summers, where the high temperatures often affect the quality of seasonal produce. A produce ERP system eases the process of storage and warehousing. All batch products are input into the system, which can be monitored using the software. It also ensures that a first in first out or FIFO approach is followed, thereby ensuring optimum quality produce.

Food Traceability: 

Summers are often equated with high temperatures which often leads to food spoilage, and in the case of fresh produce, deteriorating quality. Thus, food traceability becomes a no-brainer. Produce ERP can be leveraged to trace expired produce right back to its lot and batch number. This way the lot can be disposed of before it reaches the customer’s plate ensuring a lack of grievances and in turn customer satisfaction.  

Enhance Compliance: 

ERP for the manufacturing industry ensures that the systems and processes across the supply chain comply with the food safety guidelines of HACCP and ISO. Regulatory bodies like the FDA have made it compulsory for all businesses dealing with produce to identify critical control points and monitor the same, which also involves temperature controls as they are critical for handling fresh produce.

With regulatory authorities breathing down the necks and the production challenges of summer season food producers have their backs against the wall and are forced to go out of business. Having said that the only means for them to not only survive but thrive is via food ERP. With Microsoft gold-certified partners like Inecta who can fill the gaps in their supply chain food producers can attain differentiation and tip the scales in their favor. There is always opportunity in chaos and produce ERP is that very opportunity that will make or break a food producer. 

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.