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Meet Our Customers

inecta Food ERP


frederick wildman

Frederick Wildman and Sons

Based in New York, Frederick Wildman and Sons is a fine wine importer offering the leading properties from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and other regions.

Founded in 1934, Frederick Wildman is recognized as one of North America’s leading importers, with a portfolio of over 75 brands, including Champagne Pol Roger, Château Fuissé, Famille Hugel, Domaine Olivier Leflaive, Pascal Jolivet and the fine wines of Gruppo Italiano Vini, among others.



McRoberts Sales

McRoberts Sales is one of the the largest distributors of frozen fish (for animal consumption) for aquariums and zoos around the world. They explain how inecta has automated their business, so they can consistently deliver for their clients.



Biloxi Shrimp Co.

Biloxi Shrimp Co. is a shrimp processor & distributor in Biloxi, Mississippi. They'll ship Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp directly to your front door and let you enjoy the secret that Biloxians and fine restaurants have been keeping. See how inecta's Seafood ERP keeps their operations running smoothly.


Carnos is a family owned and operated raw pet food company located in Maryland. Hailing from 7 generations of Dutch butchers: they’re raw meat experts. They carry a line of truly raw pet food products made with all-natural ingredients from responsible sources. Never any fillers, grains, gluten, nitrates, or preservatives. 

“Our business runs better from top-to-bottom.”

“It is amazing how much quicker information is relayed between divisions/personnel. Everything is real-time! Previously, we had three systems communicating and this caused significant delays in getting simple tasks completed. With Inecta, we are all in the same system with live updates. We also have improved inventory control, manufacturing, and QC capabilities. inecta has provided my company with a clearer picture of where we stand.”

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Island Creek Oysters

Island Creek Oysters started as an oyster farm with a simple mission - to grow the world's finest oysters and have the best possible time doing it. In the cold, turbulent, salty waters of Duxbury Bay, the company has gone on to produce an oyster that chefs over the world would come to revere.

Island Creek Oysters introduced Inecta’s cloud-based Seafood Distributor software to bring their distribution to the trade under a single all-in-one solution. With over 700 chefs as regular customers, the impact of the restaurant trade's current struggles is felt by their suppliers also. Island Creek Oysters has expanded to offer direct-to-consumer retail sales through a Shopify integration to the Seafood Distributor platform, successfully diversifying its client base to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy and shuck oysters at home.

Catsmo Artisan Smokehouse

Catsmo is an artisan smokehouse located in Hudson Valley, NY specializing in making both hot and cold-smoked salmon from fresh, Atlantic salmon. A truly skilled process, Catsmo only uses fresh, never frozen salmon that is smoked within hours of being received. Once smoked, it is vacuum-packed and shipped to customers, including fine-dining chefs and quality retailers such as Whole Foods.

Passionate about quality, bringing in process manufacturing software has enabled Catsmo to create, document and fine-tune their process flow to ensure a consistent, delicious product every time. Warehouse Shipments allows a seamless flow of data from shipping to customer service to ensure accurate invoicing. inecta's customer/item catalog allows Catsmo's team to easily reference a customer's order history and preferences for upselling and quality customer service. inecta's Quality Control software and easy to use lot tracing helps assure the highest quality product every time.

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Sea Delight

With operations in the United States, Canada and Europe, Sea Delight is setting the standard in high-quality seafood, sustainably sourced. Whether wild-caught or farmed, Sea Delight is committed to only selling seafood that meets their criteria for sustainability. The group sources from over 17 Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPS) that improve the environmental, economic and social aspects of fisheries and communities around the world.

Inecta Software allows Sea Delight to manage their high-quality inventory in a flexible, efficient way. The Seafood Trader platform allows products to be sold by variable or catchweight and by different units of measure. Robust lot tracing removes the reliance on paper records and spreadsheets, as Inecta enables forward and backward traceability of all seafood items at any stage from incoming headed and gutted fish through to processing into fillets, loin and finished products, the company can, in one or two clicks, track and trace where every fish was from and which customers received it.

Blue Harvest Fisheries

Based out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Blue Harvest is seeking to transform commercial fishing by modernizing traditional fishing methods to ensure quality, premium seafood for customers.

The company operates its fleet of 15 scallop and 9 groundfish vessels as well as offload facilities in Newport News, VA and Fairhaven, MA, and an SQF certified waterfront manufacturing facility in New Bedford, MA. The Blue Harvest Fisheries product line features sea scallops, Pacific cod, haddock, ocean perch and Atlantic pollock. The fleet is 100% company-owned and operated, enabling the company to guarantee complete traceability from boat to plate.

Using inecta’s Fisheries vessel management software including maritime tracking software, every vessel and catch is tracked, enabling Blue Harvest to monitor fishing performance against quota in real-time.

Sharing these updates with the sales team onshore, the catch can be pre-allocated to customers before landing. With Inecta, the company can now reconcile, provide settlement and share of the catch profits to the crew faster in one single system, without the need for double entry via spreadsheets and QuickBooks to achieve the correct allocation to their team.

Applewood Fresh LLC

Based in Sparta, Michigan, Applewood Fresh was founded in 1935. The family-owned company has grown substantially from those early days and now has over 500+ acres of orchards and a network of growers across South-East Michigan, offering 21 varieties of apples such as Honeycrisp, Fuji and Empire varieties, among others.

Food safety and security are top priorities at all the farms and three advanced-technology packing facilities. A sophisticated traceability and recall system enables Applewood Fresh to immediately identify the orchard from which any apple was harvested.

Tri State Specialties

Tri State Specialties is a company that knows all about making things sweet and colorful. This American company has over 25 years of food industry experience and makes the finest sugar sprinkles for the confectionary and bakery sectors. Their GFSI certified manufacturing facility is based in Costa Rica and is allergen-free.

Supplying the trade, the company has multiple SKUs, the introduction of Inecta’s Food trading software aims to reduce complexity, improve efficiency by providing real-time data visibility across production, distribution and order fulfillment.

Mermaid's Seafood

Mermaid's Seafood is a frozen shrimp importer and distributor, delivering quality wholesale products compliant to international standards of excellence. Mermaid’s Seafood's products follow HACCP guidelines, international standards for seafood and good manufacturing practices. The company’s product range is certified FDA Approved, BRC Food, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and ISO 2200.

Their seafood is fished or farmed from sustainable sources that can maintain or increase supply in the future without jeopardizing ecosystems. By introducing inecta Seafood software the company can better manage inventory by using transport management functionality with customized consignment locations. This addition enables transport costs to be recorded and assigned as a cost of goods sold (COGS) to specific inventory.

Columbia Basin Onion

With customers through the United States and global markets, Columbia Basin Onion grows yellow, white, red and sweet onions in Oregon and is one of the industry’s leading grower/shipper of organic and conventional onions in the U.S. Fully vertically integrated from farming, packing, shipping and storage help guarantee product quality from field to fork.

Looking to streamline their software to bring grower management and financials into one system, the company required an automated process to account for the bulk transportation of the harvest by truck as well as by pallet. This enables Columbia Basin Onion to fully account for all loose inventory before grading and repacking ready for sale at a later stage. Inecta's flexible grower accounting enables the company to keep track, record and assign different costs to each grower automatically, a repetitive task that would have previously been done manually.

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