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INECTA’s Seafood Trader Solution Goes Live on Microsoft AppSource

NEW YORK, NY – August 3, 2020 –Today, INECTA posted its Seafood Trader-specific solution to Microsoft AppSource, making it fully accessible in App format through Microsoft’s App marketplace. This is the first of many INECTA verticals to be featured through AppSource with multiple food and life science-specific solutions to follow in the near future. INECTA is thrilled to make its services available to Seafood Traders via AppSource where they can leverage the solution's many invaluable features designed specifically for the seafood trading industry. “We are very pleased to have published the first of many, turn-key food industry specific applications on Microsoft AppSource” — INECTA CEO & Founder Johannes Gudmundsson. To learn more, please visit Microsoft AppSource for a full app description and free trial. 


About iNECTA

INECTA, based in New York, NY, is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner with over 18 years of successful implementations for perishable products. To learn more information about INECTA, visit www.inecta.com.