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iNECTA Food ERP for Seafood Processors


We here at iNECTA take a lot of pride in our ability to drastically improve the overall efficiency of seafood companies, and this includes seafood processors. iNECTA Food is the perfect solution for seafood processors because it is the optimal tool to help with your business’s sorting, butchering, cleaning, weighing and boxing processes. Imagine leveraging a system that allows you to streamline all of your business’s inherently tedious processes efficiently and expeditiously in one single, flawless solution. That is what we here at iNECTA intend to offer seafood processors. We help take the seafood your business receives from the fisheries and process it into the finished, marketable product that is set to be sold at the local marketplace. Whether your operation is shore-based or aboard a vessel in the middle of the ocean, our iNECTA Food solution accounts for all aspects of seafood processing and ensures that the product is received by the trader, retailer or wholesaler with unparalleled accuracy and dependability. Seafood processors can trust in our seafood industry-specific solution to account for their product throughout its supply chain lifespan. We at iNECTA pride ourselves in our ability to identify the biggest challenges that face the seafood processing industry. Our solution is fully equipped to solve traceability, reverse bill of material, license plating, filet efficiency, a fast-paced production environment and scaling integration.

seafood-processor-functionality-SIMPThe iNECTA Food solution for seafood processors offers a full suite of features that help enhance the overall output of your business. For example, the ELM greatly improves the ability to manage and gain deeper visibility into lots. ELM helps you navigate yours inventory, and track date of expiration per each individual lot. Users can also leverage defined Lot attributes e.g. what country or vendor the item is coming from for tracing and filtering purposes. In addition, the ELM features show you how much is available for sale and how much is due to come in on each purchase order. This information becomes immediately available in real time to more efficiently buy and sell your product. In addition, the Reverse BOM feature is a tool that seafood processors can great benefit from. The Reverse BOM feature allows the user to create a production order that allows seafood processors to take one raw material and turn it into many different finished goods. The user is also able to cost share and allocate cost to each finished good. 

Another major feature we offer as a part of the iNECTA Food solution for seafood processors. The Buyer Board gives the purchasers one screen to do all of their purchasing and quote making duties. Buyers can use this screen to look at what they have on hand for each item, while also seeing what is on the sales order and what is on the purchase order for the next 7 days. It also gives an account beyond the 7 days that can be filtered by day, week, month, quarter and year. Buyers can get a look at inventory levels and make a purchase document for all items that they believe need to be purchased, all with a simple click of a button.  

Seafood processors, by nature, face an uphill battle in managing their business and maximizing output and profitability. iNECTA Food hopes to be an ever-stalwart aid, streamlining the processes necessary for the success of a seafood processing business. To find out more about how iNECTA great greatly improve your seafood processing business, please visit our main website.


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