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The Organization Behind COVID-19 PPE and Medical Equipment Supply Replenishment

With the pandemic continuing to drain supplies of various natures, the availability of medical supplies has been extremely important. Gloves, masks, sanitizer and more have been quickly used up and made scarce for essential health care workers. Direct Relief is a company based in the US dedicated to getting these resources back in the hands of the people who need them the most. They have been delivering gloves, masks and protective equipment to essential workers and medical professionals since the beginning of this year. Direct Relief aims to assist those living in poverty and has worked alongside multiple entities such as similar nonprofits and public authorities to achieve this goal.

Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief, has stated that the rate of infection has ravaged communities that fall into certain racial, environmental and economic brackets. Medical supplies being made ready for these communities is Direct Relief’s top priority. Health centers that provide medical attention take the pressure off of hospitals who may become overwhelmed otherwise. Direct Relief continues to provide medical equipment, PPE and certain types of medication to health centers to help ease the load for other medical facilities.

The need for medical equipment is also growing outside of the United States. With the amount of funding that the US enjoys, it has been increasingly easier to handle shortages in specialized equipment. Other countries, like those in Latin America and Africa, do not have the option to make good on the need for medical supplies. This is where companies like Direct Relief step in to provide necessary medical supplies. Especially in these problem areas, overloading the hospitals in the face of a pandemic like COVID-19 would be disastrous for those who really need the facilities. Making sure that outside medical facilities are getting the medical supplies they need helps all around.

With regard to first responders and essential workers, having the proper medical equipment could be the difference between life or death. This involves not just the essential workers but also the people they work with. People are needed to run essential functions regardless of the state of the world, but a pandemic makes these positions that much more hazardous. While the vast majority of working individuals have seen their positions furloughed or liquidated altogether, forcing many people to stay home, essential workers need to be on the frontlines making sure that things still run smoothly. These are the people who deserve the protection of the medical supplies Direct Relief provides.

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