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ERP For Seafood: The Next Big Thing

With ERP being the new golden goose for industries worldwide, the seafood industry too has incorporated this asset. In hindsight, ERP for seafood has raised efficiency standards up a notch and made the supply chain lean and accountable to its core.

Some salient features of Seafood ERP are as follows:

  1. Lot Traceability
  2. Catchweight management
  3. Serial tracking
  4. Bill of materials
  5. Work in progress (WIP)
  6. Yield management
  7. Quality Assurance (QA)

With these features, seafood businesses can track the material real time to its stage of production. Once produced, the product has a batch size and lot number in order to retrace if at all complaints arise. In addition, variable weight which earlier seafood businesses induced losses for is now a fair transaction thanks to catchweight management. With this, seafood businesses charge for the product weight at the time of invoice. Hence seafood ERP not only allows for seafood businesses to profit better but also has improved grievance handling through traceability thus ensuring seafood businesses attain customer satisfaction like never before.

To speak volumes of how these features benefit seafood industry, let’s dig deep into the benefits of seafood ERP:

1. Optimizing Purchases

With seafood ERP, seafood businesses can set up purchasing modules based on size and weight of product given by different vendors. This helps not only to grade vendors but also forecast future costs and sales from historical vendor purchasing data and plan for the future.

2. Real Time Inventory

ERP for seafood exhibits real time inventory levels. Order inventory selection shows on-hand and available quantities at the item level and your custom attributes at the lot level. This reduces wastage and ensures optimal resource utilisation as real time status of product is updated.

3. Safety Audit

With Covid-19 running wild globally food safety is now the name of the game and Seafood ERP is how you win it. With Seafood ERP, seafood businesses can ensure precautions are taken throughout the supply chain at every step of production to keep food safe for end consumers. Audits not only ensure food safety but also help seafood businesses meet stringent safety compliance requirements.

4. Traceability

ERP for seafood brings to the table electronic traceability of product. Integrated with scanners, bar code printers and third-party systems, a complete history of all inductions and releases in maintained. This way a product can be tracked from factory to plate at all times. This helps to retrace the footsteps of product to its its batch and factory outlet. To speak volumes of its use, if a complaint arises for a product, the batch and lot of the product can be traced and all other products in that batch can be disposed off before consumed. This helps to build better grievance handling mechanisms and ensures customer satisfaction is at the epitome of seafood business.

5. Variable Weight

Traditionally standard weight used to differ from actual weight and consumers only paid for the standard even if actual weight was more. Seafood businesses incurred heavy losses owing to this. Now with ERP for seafood, consumers pay for the actual weight of the product at the time of bill/invoice. This ensures fair price transaction for both consumers and seafood businesses thus building trust and transparency thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.


6. Integrated Accounting

Seafood ERP provides efficiency in accounts keeping via automation. With ERP for seafood, seafood businesses inventory orders automatically generate accounting entries for AP, AR and GL. Unlike manually keeping accounts which was error prone and slow, this process is highly accurate and faster thus adhering efficiency standards of accounting like never before.

7. Quality Control

With seafood ERP, quality assurance (QA) goes hand in hand. ERP for seafood brings to the table fully featured quality control system compliant with certification programs like FSMA, SQF, GFSI, HACCP. With food safety being the top priority in seafood consumers these certifications will be the difference between a running seafood business and a failing one.

Seafood ERP has tipped the scales in favor of seafood businesses by raising the food safety and customer relationship management standards to great heights. It has not only made accounting and costing transparent and effective but ensured a product is tracked and retraced to its origin making its weight worth in gold. With rising competition and a pandemic on the loose, Seafood industry has its back against the wall and seafood ERP is the only way the best of seafood businesses will differentiate themselves from the rest.

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.