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Why Egg Producers Need Food ERP

By Mohak Kapoor, April 14, 2021

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Gone are the days when grading, sorting and packaging were done with labor intensive techniques. With operational efficiency being the name of the game, egg producers too have had to adapt to the new norm of Food ERP.  

With more and more demanding customers, smaller margins and stringent regulations running wild, egg producers have their backs against the wall. Efficiency has now become a prerequisite making Food ERP a necessity for EGG producers.

Why is Food ERP a must for Egg Producers?

To speak volumes of the need for Food ERP, let’s take a look at some of the challenges faced by egg producers: 

  1. Diseases and Mycotoxins

Parasite infestations, diseases and feed consumption (quality and quantity) are some factors which affect the shell quality and make eggs consumption hazardous. With food safety taking primary importance in today’s consumers and regulatory bodies, quality control poses a grave threat to egg producers globally.  

  1. Lot Tracking

Labor intensive techniques makes lot tracking next to impossible owing to the probability of errors and the expenditure incurred. Recall is a common phenomenon for egg producers and without lot tracking it leads to expired eggs at the customer’s plate. Thus, lot tracking is a major hindrance to overcome for egg producers. 

  1. Eggshell Quality

Quality Control is one of the major hindrances Egg producers face in their quest for customer satisfaction. Owing to expired and low-quality ingredients, often the eggs are not fresh and safe to eat resulting in recalls and grievances tarnishing the goodwill of Egg producers.  

  1. Warehousing and Transport Mismanagement

Storage and transport management is one of the pillars of an egg producer's supply chain and lack of coordination and data mismanagement often leads to delays resulting in customer dissatisfaction. With lack of data integration egg producers cannot coordinate with other stakeholders often resulting in high cost, low savings and in worst cases lost customers.  

  1. Accounting errors

Finance and reporting errors are part and parcel when accounting is done manually. Not only is the reporting slow but also inaccurate often leading to wrong figures for investors and other stakeholders. This is a deep concern for all egg producers. 

How does Food ERP help Egg Producers?

Food ERP brings to the table the following attributes for Egg producers:

  1. Compliance with regulations
  2. Reduced wastage
  3. Inventory Management 
  4. Resource allocation and optimum utilization 
  5. Real time data

While food ERP is expensive there are a few brands like iNECTA who provide flexible subscription, plans based on the needs of egg producers. Hence instead of paying a lump sum, egg producers only end up paying for the systems they need and to top that iNECTA gives in readymade customizations bringing ease of use to the core of Food ERP for egg producers. 

To speak volumes of what iNECTA’S food ERP brings to the table let’s dig deep into the benefits egg producers can derive from iNECTA’S food solution:

1. Extended Lot Management

Egg producers can leverage iNECTA’s food ERP to track and trace real time throughout the supply chain. In addition to this egg producers have access to the following data points: 

* Actual VS Estimate to see if deviation is within tolerance levels or not 

* Lot Visibility and Usability is up a notch as it is tracked at each stage of production

* Lot Attributes 

* Minimum Expiration Date for Customer to ensure eggs are fresh and safe

* Mass Item and/or Lot Attribute Substitution 

* Calculate storage costs using revaluation Journals

* ELM Reports to help egg producers stay up to date at all times

2. Warehouse RF Scanners

With storage and its associated costs being a grave threat to egg producer’s business, iNECTA serves egg producing warehouse managers with a cutting-edge, Android-based application that links directly to the scanner allowing for unmatched sorting and allocation capabilities to ensure warehousing is conducted seamlessly. This seamless experience leads to savings both monetary and manpower and in turn leads to operational efficiency. 

3. Quality Control

At the core of iNECTA’s food ERP solution lie the attributes of freshness and safety. Egg producers through iNECTA’s food ERP are ascertained of eggshells being of high quality and consequently of happy and loyal customers.

4. Buyer/Production Board

One of the USP’s of iNECTA’s food ERP is a call for a seamless experience for egg producers. Through this feature Egg Producers have a single screen to do all of their purchasing and quote making duties. Egg producers can use this screen to look at what they have on hand for each item, while also seeing what is on the sales order and what is on the purchase order and can be filtered by day, week, month, quarter and year. Egg producers can also check inventory levels and make a purchase document for all items that need to be purchased, all with a simple click of a button thus making iNECTA’s food ERP’s weigh worth in gold.  

5. Transport Management System

 The Transportation Management functionality provides a multitude of screens and reports that provide shipment managers with planned routes and shipments on any given day, within the week of the order thereby ensuring seamless flow of inventory across the supply chain. Leveraging this feature, egg producers can predefine routes within a city/state across multiple drop locations and assign customer orders to those planned routes. The system also allows linking of shipping agent information to the transportation orders through which the invoice can be raised for transportation expenses. This not only brings about operational efficiency but also ensures invoicing is done speedily thereby getting regular cash flows killing two birds with one stone. 

  1. Case Management

Another unique feature of iNECTA’s food ERP is Case Management enabling an additional unit of measurement layer to the system so that egg producers can manage inventory in two units of measurements at the same time. The Case Management feature also allows egg producers to buy in one unit of measurement and sell in another for the same item accommodating egg producers who deal globally.  

  1. Reverse BOM

One of the notable features of iNECTA’s food solution is the Reverse BOM feature leveraging which egg producers can create a production order that allows one raw material, for example hemp seeds, to become many different finished goods. Egg producers are also able to cost share and allocate cost to each finished good bringing about efficiency in costing.

  1. Finance

Managing finances is a walk in the park with the aid of INECTA’s food solution. Egg producers can keep their finances in impeccable order with Business Central powered accounting capabilities. Our industry-specific finance module offers multiple functions that elevate the egg producer’s business including cost accounting, fixed assets, bank account connection, and cash flow and much more.

  1. Reporting

Egg producers can raise their business's reporting capabilities up a notch with the INECTA Food solution. To speak volumes of which an egg producer’s INECTA Food offers a base package for reporting specifically for egg producers with the ability to connect to Power BI for business intelligence reporting. Thereby helping egg producers to stay above the curve by acquiring peak reporting capabilities with INECTA Food.

It is no secret that Egg producers have their backs against the wall with tight margins, high competition and regulatory authorities breathing down their necks. The egg producing industry is truly a red ocean with survival of the fittest being the name of the game. Amidst this the only light at the end of the tunnel for egg producers is Food ERP. With flexible subscription plans provided by partners like iNECTA food ERP is truly affordable. Leveraging food ERP egg producers can optimize resources, create a lean and seamless supply chain and most importantly track and report real time accurate data. Differentiation is what separates the best from rest and with tight margins egg producers need a golden goose like food ERP to not only stay in the game but make some money and win it.

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3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.