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The Covid-19 Vaccine Testing Begins, Three Candidates Licensed by Tonix Pharmaceuticals

The pandemic of coronavirus halted the functioning of almost the whole world, the industries stopped working, the educational institutes closed for an indefinite amount of time and the hospitals came under immense load. In order to counter this situation, many companies, especially the pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies took it upon themselves to develop a vaccine for the virus. The government and private companies both funded various researches, which are being performed throughout the world, so that the human kind can come up with a cure for the deadly virus.

Tonix pharmaceuticals also joined the race. Tonix pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company, based in New York City that mostly focuses on repurposed drugs to treat the central nervous system conditions. For the ultimate goal of preparing a vaccine for the COVID-19, the Tonix pharmaceuticals collaborated with a non-profit southern research project in February. Following the trend and ambition to reach and create the vaccine first, the pharmaceutical company signed a research collaboration with University of Alberta, Canada. The deal includes an exclusive licensing agreement for three new vaccine candidates. These three new coronavirus vaccine candidates are named as TNX-1810, TNX-1820 and TNX-1830.

These vaccines are going to be developed on the Horsepox vector platform, the platform is specifically designed to express several SARS-CoV-2 antigens. The Horsepox platform has been previously used by the Tonix Pharmaceutical company to carry their potential TNX-801 vaccine, which was created to counter smallpox and monkeypox. The TNX-801 is designed in a way that it induces responses from the predominant T cells. The vaccine for the coronavirus is expected to work, if there are responses from Pure T cells, not just predominant.

David Evans is a professor at the University of Alberta and is part of the team working to develop the vaccine for the COVID-19. According to him, all three candidates of the vaccine i.e. TNX-1810, TNX-1820 and TNX-1830 are designed in a way to express different protein antigens associated with SARS-CoV-2. At this point in time, the researchers are not sure about the specific antigen that will be the most effective against the coronavirus, but the research has been done to find this out as soon as possible.

According to the professor, the orthopoxvirus such as Horsepox, is known for inducing the strong innate. They often provide an adaptive and long-lasting T-cell immunity. The three vaccine candidates are different from the usual as they are designed to induce immunity to SARS-CoV-2 Proteins, which is different from how the rest of the vaccines work.

The research agreement entitles Tonix Pharmaceuticals an exclusive license for technology and patents.

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