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Reduce business complexity.
Accelerate outcomes.

Inecta Food makes running your small to medium-sized company easier by streamlining and optimizing everything that makes your business tick. From product quality assurance to warehousing to transportation and logistics, Inecta  Food propels SMEs to new heights with unmatched software powered by Microsoft. We know that for SMEs, integrating new software can sometimes be a daunting endeavor. We ease those anxieties with expert service and training.

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Traceability for food safety & compliance:

Forwards and backwards, fully scalable

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Process and recipe control:

Maintain your product's integrity


Eliminate task duplication:

Optimize task completion seamlessly

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Centralized business data:

One central location for all of your data


Quicker decision-making:

Make timely calls on what matters most


No surprise pricing:

Know prices ahead of time and plan accordingly

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Connectivity even when remote:

Access solution from virtually anywhere

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Major retailer-ready:

Your biggest customers will thank you



Deployment is easier than you think



Discovery & planning stage

From the very first point of contact, our team of trusted specialists are ready to guide you through the process of determining what your business needs for a successful implementation. We go the extra mile to ensure that your business is equipped with the best possible solution.

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Industry solution ready for you

Our Inecta Food solutions come ready out-the-box so your business can get up and running in no time. Put your business on the fast-track to success the moment you sign up.

Discover your solution for: Food & Beverage | Seafood | Produce

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Flexible approach as you grow

Our solution is fully scalable and 100% secure, ensuring that your data is safe and your system is up-to-date. Always have access to the latest updates to your software in order to optimize efficiency.

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Ongoing support

Our support doesn't stop after implementation. We are fully committed to your success and we are available 24/7 to aid you in anything regarding your system. Support is always just a click or call away.

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Training Support & Expertise

Inecta provides a number of different ways to train your team and to keep up to date with the latest cloud-based software advances. Talk to a member of the team to find out more.

Advanced training module

The Advanced Learning module provides instant access to personalized Inecta training set up for your company. With tests built-in, power users can set team goals and monitor training progress here. Keep your knowledge current and stay up to date with future releases with new training delivered conveniently to your company training hub.

Train the trainer

Our comprehensive train the trainer program with give your lead IT or ERP specialist the leg-up they need to properly train the rest of your staff on how to properly use the software.

Frequently Asked Questions for SMEs

As the lead for our company, I am concerned about how to bring my colleagues on board with changing software? What support will Inecta provide?

Good question. We understand that change of any kind can be daunting for many. The Inecta team is very experienced and guided support is there from start to finish. From discovery through to launch, a dedicated team of consultants and developers will work alongside you to integrate Inecta into your business processes. We know how important good communication is, so we set up your own MS Teams channel connecting everyone on the project.

Is ERP Software just for large companies?

We believe that any size food business that is looking to improve efficiency, reduce duplication and complexity can benefit from Inecta software. Inecta offers a range of flexible packages to suit small to mid-sized businesses that you can scale as you grow.

What is food software? How can it help my business?

Food Software or Food ERP is software designed to streamline the many processes that make up a successful Food Manufacturing, Processing, Trading and/or Distribution company. This type of software was created to eliminate the need for manual monitoring and recording by fully automating processes such as Quality Control, Logistics, Recipe Management, Warehousing and more.

We do not have an IT department; what customer support is offered?

Inecta offers 24/7 support, 365 days a year direct to our experts who can guide you through every step of the way. In addition, we offer a package known as "Managed IT" we can help your business transfer all your processes to the cloud, eliminating the need for extensive hardware and minimizing the requirement for on-site IT support.

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