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Fishery & Vessel Management

Our Vessel Management feature is essential for vessel managers. With this feature, users may create vessels and track inventory and other important information all from the same easy-to-use solution. Manage your product as it comes in right from the vessel from which the fish was caught. This immediate accounting solution allows you to monitor your inventory as soon as it is plucked from the ocean.

  • TIN/EIN per vessel
  • Profitability reporting by vessel
  • Register and view catch while on the water
  • Vessel status and activity tracking, including time fishing vs turning

Fishery Software to Help You Grow Your Business

Our Fishery solution allows fishermen/women to account for their product while on-board the ship they use to cultivate the fish/marine life. The INECTA Food ERP for Fisheries solution allows the company to assign costs to the vessel immediately, and without any hassle.

Everything from the fuel, crew and other necessities aboard the ship are accounted for. The system can also calculate the catch each day in real-time. INECTA Food’s Fishery solution can even notify the stakeholders at the docking port about the exact amount of product to expect, and they in turn can process and sell it before it even arrives at its final destination. We are taking Fisheries into the new decade in style with cutting-edge ERP technology geared specifically for the industry.

Connect All Your Departments: From Procurement to Sales

Crew Compensation Management

Vessel Managers find our Crew Compensation Management feature to be tremendously helpful in reconciling the revenue and costs to create a summary statement for the crew and management.

  • Crew expense tracking, with automatic assignment of crew personal expenses for chargeback
  • Crew advances
  • Settlement sheets for captain and crew
  • 1099 crew individually by vessel

Permit and Quota Management

Fishery businesses deal with a lot of stress regarding permit validation and quota balances. Our solution allows Fisheries to manage every detail of every fishing charter with rock-solid permit and quota tracking.

  • Days at Sea tracking & management
  • Closed Area Trip management
  • Permit and Quota Tracking

Vessel Trip Management

Our Vessel Trip Management feature offers vessel managers to create trips for vessels and record their catch, as well as overhead cost.

  • Set up trips with start and end dates, arrival and departure ports, and fishing areas
  • Add crew to trips
  • Report on profitability by trip
  • Register catch for each trip
  • Customizable crew shares, boat shares, captain’s shares
  • Fleet tracker integration with Thorium VMS


Managing your finances is a snap with the aid of INECTA with a solution that is designed to service the Fishery industry. Keep your finances in impeccable order with Business Central powered accounting capabilities. Our industry-specific finance module offers multiple functions that elevate your business including cost accounting, fixed assets, bank account connection, and cash flow and much more.


Elevate your Fishery business's reporting capabilities with the INECTA Food solution. With INECTA, your business's reporting is carefully handled through precise and accurate software that is unparalleled in the Fishery industry. In addition, INECTA Food ERP offers a base package for reporting specifically for Fishery firms with the ability to connect to Power BI for business intelligence reporting. Stay above the curve by acquiring peak reporting capabilities with INECTA Food ERP.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Powered by:


All of our iNECTA Food industry solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you have Microsoft's premier ERP solution powering your industry-specific operations 24/7.

Business Central works with one convenient database. BC allows you to seamlessly access data in real time, so you know exactly where your business stands at any given time. Business Central can also evolve to fit your needs, whether that means you require less or more functionality, BC is in your corner every step of the way.



Monthly Subscription Pricing

Pricing for the INECTA Food solution for Fishery is based on the company’s necessities and size. Our ERP consultants are highly experienced and can easily assess your business’s needs and attach the appropriate corresponding License and Implementation option. Our Midsize licensure and implementation pricing module offers everything you require right out of the box with the added bonus of INECTA EDI, Power BI and Training provided by our team of ERP consultants.


Starting at:


per user (5 users or less)

Core Fishery functionality.


Starting at:


per user (5-15 users)

Core Fishery functionality.
Industry leading functionality with EDI, Business Intelligence and Training included.


  • EDI
  • Power BI
  • B2B Portal
  • 5 hours of support a month



Starting at:


per user (15 or more users)

Core Fishery functionality.
Industry leading functionality with EDI, Business Intelligence and Training included.
Custom tailored to fit your needs.


  • EDI
  • Power BI
  • B2B Portal
  • Custom API
  • Dedicated SLA

Device License start at $40 per month

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You've learned some of the many ways your business can benefit from using iNECTA Food. It's trusted by other businesses in your industry and can work just as well (or better) for you. iNECTA Food is easy to implement. It's easy on your budget with monthly subscription payments. Take the next step to ensure your food business is running the right kind of business software. Software for your food safety, increased efficiency, and stronger revenue growth.

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