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iNECTA Food ERP for Produce Traders

For produce traders, there is always a few unavoidable roadblocks that need to be dealt through efficient means. In response to this common thread, iNECTA Food has created the perfect version of its ERP solution to cater to the specific needs of produce traders everywhere. Typically speaking, produce traders do not own farms, rather they traditionally buy outright or contract farm growers to produce a crop that they aim to buy or sell. With that being said, it is critical for produce traders to have the ability to track and trace their product from its original plot on the farm to the point at which it is purchased by the customer at the local market. Traceability is the biggest concern surrounding the produce trader industry, with the constant threat of a foodborne illness outbreak ever present. The high premium placed on traceability is not without good reason. The simple truth is that in the event of a product recall, produce traders require immediate pinpoint traceability in order to snuff out the problem at the source, cutting off the chance of further contamination. Traceability is also needed by produce traders in order to track which produce is being sold from what grower in order to settle an account and properly pay the grower based on various contracts.

In addition, produce traders must also be cognizant of transportation management, as transportation costs can be quite high. Having the ability to design efficient transportation and delivery routes can be a tricky endeavor with the proper software. iNECTA Food erases those concerns with its stellar solution built to aid produce trader in every facet of their business.  


Produce traders can count on all of the features included in the iNECTA Food solution to heighten their operation overall. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the more applicable features iNECTA offers in regard to the produce trader industry. The Transportation Management system is certainly a catalyst for produce traders, as the transportation of a product that is set to expire cannot suffer disorganized logistics. The Transportation Management functionality provides a multitude of screens and reports that provide the shipment managers planned routes and shipments on any given day, within the week of the order. The managers have the ability to pre-define routes within a city/state across multiple drop locations and assign customer orders to those planned routes. The system also allows the linking of shipping agent information to the transportation orders through which the invoice can be raised for transportation expenses. 

Another essential feature iNECTA offers produce traders is the Buyer Board. The Buyer Board gives produce traders one screen to do all of their purchasing and quote-making duties. Buyers can use this screen to look at what they have on hand for each item, while also seeing what is on the sales order and what is on the purchase order for the next 7 days. It also gives an account beyond the initial 7 days that can be conveniently filtered by day, week, month, quarter and year. Buyers can get a look at their inventory levels and make a purchase document for all items required for purchase with a simple click of a button.  

We understand that running a produce trading business is hard work. iNECTA Food’s cutting-edge solution is designed to lighten the load, offering premier features that act a massive safety net and insurance to offset potential disorganization with your produce trader operation. To learn more about how iNECTA Food can help produce traders, please visit our site.

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