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Slaughterhouse Software Benefits

Monitor and manage slaughter processes

inecta Food revolutionizes your slaughterhouse operations, enhancing efficiency from livestock receipt to final product distribution. It streamlines the entire process, from receiving & holding, slaughter, dressing, splitting & cutting, right up to packaging, and more.

Manage livestock intake, monitor animal weight and species, and refine production planning through accurate demand forecasting and optimal resource allocation.

By managing every facet of the slaughter and processing workflow, inecta Food helps you to minimize waste, improve throughput, and optimize operations.

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Maintain complete traceability of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished products, with support for lot and batch tracking. Rapidly respond to recalls, minimize risks, and protect your brand reputation by quickly identifying and locating affected products within your supply chain.


Ensure compliance with regulatory needs

Adhere to strict food safety regulations, such as HACCP, FSMA, and GMP. Automate quality checks, monitoring critical control points, and maintaining accurate documentation. inecta allows you to streamline audits, reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties, and boost confidence in your products.

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Know your true costs

Integrate financial data with operational processes for real-time visibility into your slaughterhouse's financial performance, including cost tracking for livestock, labor, and overhead expenses. Generate financial statements, budget reports, and cost analyses to support data-driven decision-making, identifying areas for cost reduction, and driving business growth.


Additional Slaughterhouse Software Features

  • Livestock reception and slaughter planning
  • Receptions and batches recording
  • Slaughter management with classification process
  • Connectivity with peripheral devices (weighing machines, barcode readers, RFID, scanners, images)

  • Integrated food safety and hygiene management: CCP and HACCP
  • Viscera and by-products handling
  • Touch systems for the movement of carcasses between processes
  • Cutting management with complete traceability

  • Financial analysis reports with multiple filters
  • Invoicing of slaughter services
  • Monitoring of Animal Welfare
  • Automatic capture of weight (live weight and carcass weight)

Butchery Management

Cloud Based Software

inecta connects all your entire supply chain in a single easy-to-use interface.


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