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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Best Path for Creating and Maintaining Extensions

How do we future proof the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

The fastest and the most reliable way to get this done is with the help of extensions, instead of using the traditional Dynamics NAV era. The extensions provide a more reliable and continuously upgradeable code base, i.e. Aligns with SaaS expectations.

The addition of an extension-based model for Business Central is not an easy task. The maintenance and creation of these extensions is quite straightforward as compared to the add-ons, but there is a significant technological shift that requires the new software architectures, new technologies and new processes. In previous years, the software manufacturers and dynamic 365 experts would develop and sell the add-ons based on localization and language, but today, software houses develop such extensions that are sold on AppSource and can be used anywhere in the world. With the domain going global from local, the software developers and business central specialists face certain challenges, as the approach is holistic and it should have the ability to adapt itself according to the any type of audience.

The biggest challenge Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension developers face, is the lack of unified methodology. This is where the other software, such as ERP comes in. ERP system makes it easier for the developers to actually transition from an add-on-based approach to the extension-based approach. Microsoft dynamics is a business software and businesses prefer to transition into new systems with as much efficiency as possible. Hence, ERP systems are great, as every company is developing business software to follow its own path, but there is no coordination, the ERP system can help bridge this gap and make the transition more uniform for the industry.

To find the best path for the development of extensions for business software, in this case “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central”, there is a certain question that should be cleared beforehand, i.e. If the extension for business central is being developed as an independent software Vendor or as a value-added Reseller. However, in any case ERP can help make the process much more efficient and reduce maximum friction from the transition.


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