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Warehouse Management Software Benefits

Receive inventory direct from the delivery truck into your inventory

Using a mobile device you can now receive product into your facility without the need for entering the data at a PC.  Ensure accuracy and efficiency by getting the job done at the receiving dock.


Perform movements of inventory within the warehouse at the time of physical movement

When warehouse employees are moving product, you can use the handheld device to record the movement in real time and keep your inventory and other users up-to-date on where product is located in your warehouse.


Pick product for outbound shipments while being pulled from stock

When doing outbound shipments, your pickers are enabled to scan and record the product their taking for the shipment to enforce lot traceability. You also have the flexibility to enforce picking of specific lots as well as allow overwrites where necessary.


License Plates

By using license plates you’re able to transact and move bulk quantities of product in a single step.  You can store multiple lots and items within a license plate allowing for more inventory accuracy and simplicity.



One Team. One Integrated Solution.

Inecta connects all your departments in a single easy-to-use interface.


Additional Warehouse Management Features

Physical Inventory

Perform inventory counts in real time for review and adjustment posting.

Inventory Visibility

Always get a live look of where your inventory is within the warehouse.


Utilize barcoding for simpler data entry and accuracy.

Customers working with
Inecta WMS


Looking at other systems was painful. Once we found INECTA, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, owner of JBL Foods

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