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Warehouse Management Systems Benefits

Receive inventory direct from the delivery truck into your inventory

Using a mobile device you can now receive product into your warehouse or distribution center operations without the need for entering the data at a PC.  Ensure accuracy and efficiency by getting the job done at the receiving dock.


Inventory management within the warehouse at the time of physical movement

When warehouse employees are moving product, you can use the handheld device to record supply chain movement in real time and keep your inventory and other users up-to-date on where product is located in your warehouse.


Pick products for shipments via a real-time updating warehouse management system.

In the process of handling outbound shipments, your pickers are empowered to scan and document the items they're taking for the shipment, ensuring lot traceability within the warehouse management system. Additionally, this system offers the flexibility to enforce picking of specific lots and permits overwrites when required.


License Plates

By using license plates you’re able to transact and move bulk quantities of product in a single step in your warehouse management system.  You can store multiple lots and items within a license plate allowing for more inventory accuracy and simplicity in your entire supply chain management.


Warehouse Management Software

Cloud Based Software.
One Integrated Warehouse Software

inecta connects all your entire supply chain in a single easy-to-use interface.


Additional Warehouse Management System Features

Physical Inventory

Perform inventory counts in real time for supply chain review and adjustment posting.

Inventory Control

Always get a live look of where your inventory is within the warehouse.


Utilize barcoding for simpler data entry and accuracy. Barcoding provides real time inventory tracking.

Customers working with
inecta Warehouse Management Software


Looking at other systems was painful. Once we found inecta, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, owner of JBL Foods

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Warehouse Management Software Built for the Food and Beverage Supply Chain

Inventory Management

inecta Food ERP top warehouse management software provides real-time inventory tracking, allowing warehouse managers to monitor inventory levels at all times in multiple locations. It supports barcoding and RFID technology, enabling accurate tracking of inventory movements, supply chain status, from receiving to shipping. The system also offers automatic inventory replenishment based on predefined thresholds, ensuring optimal inventory levels.

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Order Management

inecta Food ERP warehouse management software automates supply chain management, order processing, from picking and packing to shipping, reducing errors and improving order accuracy. It offers real-time tracking of orders, allowing managers to monitor the status of each order, from receipt to delivery. The system also supports batch and lot tracking, ensuring full supply chain traceability of products.

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Labor Management

inecta Food ERP warehouse management system provides a range of tools to optimize labor utilization, such as real-time tracking of employee productivity, task assignment and management, and time tracking. The system also offers a mobile app that allows employees to receive tasks, report their progress, and manage their time, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

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Reporting and Analytics

inecta Food ERP warehouse management software offers a range of reporting and analytics tools that help warehouse managers make data-driven decisions. It provides real-time dashboards that display key supply chain performance indicators such as tracking inventory, order fulfillment rates, and labor productivity. It also offers customizable reports that can be generated on demand, providing insights into various aspects of your warehouse processes.

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Warehouse Management System FAQs

What is a warehouse management system (WMS software)?

A warehouse management system (WMS Software) is a software application that helps manage and control warehouse operations, including inventory management, order management, labor management, supply chain mangement, reporting, and analytics. It provides real-time visibility into warehouse operations, enabling managers to make informed decisions about inventory management, order fulfillment, and labor utilization.

What are the benefits of using a Warehouse Management System?

Using a WMS Software can help companies optimize their warehouse operations by improving inventory accuracy, reducing order processing errors, increasing labor productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It can also provide real-time visibility into warehouse operations, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

How does inecta Food ERP Warehouse Management System integrate with other systems?

inecta Food WMS (Warehouse Management System) can integrate with other systems, such as enterprise resource planning ERP systems, transportation management systems (TMS), and supply chain management systems (SCM). Integration enables data sharing and process automation, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction and reducing errors. For example, ERP systems can share data with warehouse management systems on inventory levels, enabling the warehouse operations to manage inventory levels more effectively.

Can a Warehouse Management System handle multiple warehouses?

Yes, a warehouse management system software can handle multiple warehouses, enabling companies to manage supply chain, inventory and operations across multiple locations. Multi-warehouse support provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, movements, and allowing managers to optimize inventory management and improve order fulfillment rates.

Does inecta Food Warehouse Management System manage FEFO inventory?

Yes, the inecta Food Warehouse Management System (WMS) does manage inventory using the First-Expire, First-Out (FEFO) methodology. This approach is particularly useful in the food industry as it helps ensure that items with the earliest expiration date are distributed first, reducing waste due to spoilage. In addition to FEFO, inecta Food WMS also supports other common inventory management methodologies to provide a comprehensive solution for diverse inventory needs.

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