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New generation seafood software

inecta Seafood is a modern cloud-based ERP solution designed specifically for the seafood industry. inecta Seafood leverages state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft to simplify and streamline complexities throughout the supply chain. From fishing, aquaculture, processors, distributors and traders, Inecta seafood provides the tools to track and trace all products back to origin, providing the assurance that customers and consumers require.

inecta Seafood Software

A single hub gives complete oversight


Explore the core features in more detail and our specific solutions for Seafood Distributors, Farm Raised Seafood, Fisheries, Processors, and Seafood Traders.

Seafood Trader +

inecta Seafood Trader solution is designed to streamline your numerous daily processes to eliminate the typical headaches attached to seafood trading. Your seafood trader-specific software is designed to simplify all the tedious and monotonous aspects of seafood trading. Your product is accounted for throughout its entire supply chain journey.

Seafood Processors +

inecta Seafood’s vertical for seafood processors and seafood distributors makes sorting, butchering, cleaning, weighing(catchweight) and boxing seafood products a simplified, stress-free process every single time. We help take the seafood you take from the fisheries and process it into the finished, marketable product that will be sold at the local marketplace. 

Aquaculture +

Leverage integrated aquaculture software that helps your business manage all stages of fish production and maintain traceability from the moment the fish is hatched to when they are harvested. Maintain an excellent standing order of your product while keeping your certification intact, always.

Fishery/Vessels +

inecta Food is a software solution designed for fisheries that helps manage their operations from end-to-end. Streamline daily tasks with a single easy-to-use platform to organize everything from crew compensation, quota management to traceability compliance.

Microsoft Business Central

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All of our inecta Food industry solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you have Microsoft's premier ERP solution powering your industry-specific operations 24/7.

Business Central works with one convenient database. BC allows you to seamlessly access data in real time, so you know exactly where your business stands at any given time. Business Central can also evolve to fit your needs, whether that means you require less or more functionality, BC is in your corner every step of the way.


Choose Cloud, On-Premise, or both.
It's your choice.

Protect your Brand Reputation.
Manage Food Safety with Lot Tracing

Prepare for mock recalls and regulatory inspections with confidence

Proactive approach to Seafood safety +

A mock product recall is designed to test the effectiveness of your procedures in the event of a real situation in which an ingredients or products are affected.

3 simple steps to complete lot traceability +

With Inecta Seafood, your team can track all ingredients, work-in-progress through to finished goods with an easy to use forward and backward traceability system that provides a complete visibility of the supply-chain in seconds.

Prepare with confidence +

inecta offers a highly flexible track and trace system. You determine what lot attributes to set on all incoming goods: country of origin, supplier, brand name, production or expiry date, etcetera. The choice is up to you.


With inecta you can be confident that you have the measures in place to protect your
company and brand reputation in the event that a real food emergency happens to you.

Ask our team for a demonstration of Lot Traceability and get the assurance you need.

Meet some of our clients using
inecta Seafood Software


The multi-currency functions, the fact that we can invoice, and receive merchandise in different currencies, & the system manages all of that.
That was a huge plus for us.

Marilyn Reyes, CFO of Sea Delight

Atlantic Fisheries
Piazza Seafood
Fishing Co
Liberty Seafood

Key Benefits of our Seafood Software

All-in-one solution for the Seafood Industry

Whether your operation is shore-based or aboard a vessel in the middle of the ocean, our Inecta Seafood solution accounts for all aspects of seafood production and ensures that the product is received by the trader, retailer or wholesaler with unparalleled accuracy and dependability. Seafood processors can trust in our seafood industry-specific solution to account for their product throughout its supply chain lifespan.


Seafood compliance & quality

Whether you are working with wild-sourced or farmed seafood, you have complete control to set the parameters for inspection, quality assurance and record-keeping to ensure complete traceability from source. In-depth lot traceability capabilities, enables your team to work forwards and backwards to monitor and record all work-in-progress and final products to ensure consistency and stringent product quality. Integrated reporting means you are well-prepared for regulatory audits and mock recalls.


Cost visibility and control

Inecta Seafood Software helps companies navigate production complexity without getting overwhelmed in detail, by providing total visibility of the business, with capabilities such as multiple units of measure and catchweights. Improved material planning improves inventory control and warehouse operations, allowing you to streamline ordering to meet demand.


Real-time connected data

Collaboration across departments and functions is easy with Inecta Seafood. Based in the cloud, your business data synchs in real-time providing a clear picture of all aspects of your trading, processing, fishing or farming operations. Harness your data, streamline processes, connected data will help your team execute daily tasks and make well-informed decisions faster.


Integration with MS Office, e-commerce and APIs

Enjoy working with familiar MS office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Teams directly linked through your ERP software. Inecta can set up your own e-commerce platform or link to a third-party provider such as Shopify. Connect to other applications without difficulties through open APIs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seafood ERP Software?

Seafood ERP software is designed for Seafood Fisheries, Traders, and Distributors. It allows for the accounting, digitization, and centralization of important company data and processes. Real-time, accurate information from finance, sales, inventory, processing, transport, and other business functions allows for clarity in decision-making and forecasting.

How can Fisheries use ERP Software?

Seafood ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software takes into account and solves challenges that are unique to Fisheries. An ERP that's specifically made for the Fisheries helps with vessel management, maintaining food safety, catch weight, on-board accountability, and many more unique concerns.

3 simple steps to
find your Food ERP

Also included:

  • How to avoid wasting hours, weeks, or months looking at too many ERP solutions.
  • Tools to help you streamline your ERP evaluation process.
  • The secret to finding the best solution that fits your specific food business’ needs.

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