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From Catch to Counter
Seafood is our specialty, and we have the software to maintain your product’s quality


Cloud ERP for the Seafood Industry

iNECTA Seafood is an ERP solution designed specifically for the seafood industry. iNECTA Seafood leverages state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft to help catchers, processors and distributors keep their products fresh and safe from catch to counter. 


Seafood Safety
iNECTA Seafood’s industry-specific solution is designed to maintain the product’s safety from the fishing boat to the consumer’s refrigerator. The solution allows fisheries, seafood processors, and traders to track the lifespan of their product from any stage, ensuring that it reaches the consumer’s plate safely every time with absolute certainty.
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Fish Processing
The seafood industry demands precision when it comes to processing. iNECTA Seafood’s solution meets those demands for processors looking to take their product and divide it into smaller pieces, account for catchweight and determine the yield. iNECTA Seafood is designed to make seafood processors’ lives easier with an unparalleled solution. 
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Seafood Traders
For traders in the seafood industry who focus in boxes in and boxes out operations, iNECTA’s solution geared for seafood makes processes as seamless as possible. The iNECTA Seafood ERP solution offers traders an introspective view of their products from receiving imports to shipping and selling
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iNECTA’s seafood-specific solution allows catchers to account for their product like never before. With iNECTA Seafood’s premier capabilities, catchers can calculate their catchweight with ultimate precision and efficiency.
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Aquaculture (Fish Farming)

With iNECTA Seafood, aquaculture farmers can manage their operations efficiently and optimize production. Aquaculture is currently the most expansive method of farming in the United States, and to that end, the professionals at iNECTA Seafood are committed to bringing your business to the forefront of the industry with an unmatched ERP solution.
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WMS Mobile App
iNECTA Produce serves warehouse managers with a cutting-edge, Android-based application that links directly to the scanner allowing for unmatched sorting and allocation capabilities to ensure warehousing is conducted seamlessly. 
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iNECTA Seafood is sold as a powerful add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Start off with either Business Central Essentials or Premium, then add-on iNECTA Seafood. Cloud hosting is included in the price for Business Central & iNECTA Seafood.
2 plans to choose from:
Per User
  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Projects
  • Warehouse
Per User
Everything in Essentials
  • Manufacturing
Team member starts at $8/mo.
Per User
  • Seafood Safety & Quality Control
  • Seafood Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Warehouse App
  • Seafood Processing*
  • Fish Farming*
*Requires Business Central Premium Subscription
Team member starts at $27/mo. in addition to Business Central Subscription
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