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New software solution: follow these 3 simple steps for

Lot Tracing

The only Food ERP Software trusted by:

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Don’t let food recalls spoil your reputation!

Food safety experts recommend having a system to quickly and accurately trace lots in the event of a recall. Failure to do so can severely impact your business. We’ve all seen the stories of businesses getting shut down, fined, and hit with huge losses.

Helping you easily handle that risk (in just 3 simple steps that anyone can do) is just one of the reasons why we developed iNECTA Food ERP.

Looking at other systems was painful. Once I discovered iNECTA Food ERP, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, Owner of JBL Foods

Why iNECTA Food is the last (and only) ERP software you’ll ever need...

Software implementation is a cinch (so easy, a recent implementation only took 1 weekend!)

Plus, your new software solution is updated automatically so you never have to go through painful upgrades.

You’ll get access to new and exciting features as they are rolled out. Updates won’t change your data or mess with your set up.

Most updates are simple to learn. Just in case you need help, iNECTA University shows you how to work with the latest features. We’ll help you stay ahead using the latest technology, right at your fingertips.

We’re here to support you 24/7. Our team of software pros have over 260,000 hours (and counting) of software development & implementations.

Whether it’s a simple question or major business events. We’ll always be there to help you.

Make food manufacturing easier, faster, and more profitable

Create a detailed bill of materials you can use in your production orders (anyone can do it with just a few clicks)!

For “1 to many” food manufacturers, you’ll love the Reverse B.O.M. tool within iNECTA Food ERP.

  • Increase your production speed
  • Reduce costs
  • Quickly enter, manage, and track detailed lists of ingredients
  • Configure re-usable recipes
  • Pick from different vendors and lots
  • Recipe Configurator

Eliminate up to 87% of warehouse errors

Mobile warehouse scanning

Improve your warehouse productivity, accuracy, and visibility. This user-friendly system lets anyone on your warehouse staff pick only what’s in the order, eliminating costly errors.

iNECTA Food mobile warehouse scanning lets you:
  • Receive food lot shipments
  • Pick, QC, pack, and ship in a flash
  • Handle lot recalls faster
  • Keep track of inventory accurately
  • Works on most IOS or Android devices,
  • Worry less about hardware updates, runs on mobile device web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge

Save time & money by managing all your freight movements in a single system

Transportation management (TMS) in iNECTA Food

Warehouse managers can quickly choose the best solution, time-wise and cost-wise for all your shipments with iNECTA Food:

  • All your freight shipping functions organized in one place
  • Manage carrier documentation and costs
  • Print manifests, bills of lading and reports
  • Calculate accumulated orders weight/dimensions and match with container sizes, saving money on unused capacity
  • Check vendor rate histories to see what vendor works best for a particular shipment
  • Assign shipping agents, whether it’s your own vehicles or Fedex, UPS, DHL, Roadway, along with any other freight transportation provider you choose

A must-have for big trading partners like Walmart, Target, and other Retailers

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in iNECTA Food

Save money by lowering transaction errors caused by manual processing

  • Automate your supply-chain at warp speed
  • Connect with your trading partners directly
  • Connect through our Value-Added Network (VAN)

Built for your kind of food business



  • Distributor
  • Trader
  • Manufacturer
  • Pet Food Manufacturer
  • Beverage
  • Catering


  • Grower
  • Packer/Shipper
  • Trader


  • Processor
  • Trader
  • Aquaculture
  • Vessel Management

Meat & Egg

  • Meat Processor
  • Egg Producer

Life Sciences

  • Nutraceuticals

Powered by:


All of our iNECTA Food industry solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you have Microsoft's premier ERP solution powering your industry-specific operations 24/7.

Business Central works with one convenient database. BC allows you to seamlessly access data in real time, so you know exactly where your business stands at any given time. Business Central can also evolve to fit your needs, whether that means you require less or more functionality, BC is in your corner every step of the way.

Need to make faster, more informed decisions?


Customizable Dashboards clearly show your most important real-time reporting & forecasting data on a single screen.


Enter sales orders.


Manage item and lot inventory.

Freedom to choose cloud, on-prem or both


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud for safe and secure access on your desktop and mobile devices.

Run multiple companies in different countries, using multiple currencies


“The fact that we can invoice, and receive merchandise in different currencies, and the system is able to manage all of that. That was a huge plus for us.”

Marilyn Reyes, CFO of Sea Delight

Manage every aspect of your business


Financial Management

Increase Financial Visibility. Make informed decisions, chart financial performance, accelerate financial close and reporting, and improve forecast accuracy



Optimize Your Purchasing Power Like Never Before. Create purchase invoices or purchase orders to record the cost of purchases and to track accounts payable.



Boost Sales and Elevate Service Across the Board. Prioritize sales leads, accelerate the sales process, gain vital insight into service tasks, workloads, and employee skills


Human Resources

Full Transparency Into Your Business’s Workforce. Keep detailed records of employee information, such as employment contracts, confidential information, and qualifications.


Inventory Management

Manage Your Inventory With Ultimate Ease. Seamlessly create item cards for every physical product that you trade in. Inventory increases and decreases are recorded when posting purchase/sales documents.


Project Management

Make Managing Multiple Projects a Breeze. Configure jobs and schedule resources, manage budgets and monitor progress and track machine and employee hours via time sheets.

Easy Integration with Microsoft Office,
E-commerce & APIs


  • Integrates seamlessly with your banking and E-Commerce platform merchant account

Works with Office 365 four images

  • Quickly transfer information to and from your Office 365 apps such as Excel, Outlook, Word, and OneDrive

Analytics & Forecasting

  • Power BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting
  • AI: Artificial intelligence Using Microsoft Cortana AI

International Business

  • Intrastat Reporting for trading in the EU and ensuring VAT compliance
  • Support for Multiple Languages


  • B2B E-Commerce with real-time data visibility


Auto Updates, API & EDI

  • Auto Updates: Adios painful upgrades, you will not be missed!
  • Open API: Makes integrating your essential applications a cinch
  • EDI: Electronic Data Interchange makes it a breeze connect to all your vendors’ and customers’ systems

Special Functionality Needs?

  • Extend Business Central with add-on solutions tailored to your industry and your business’ unique needs. Available in the Microsoft AppSource Solution Marketplace
  • Role Center lets you control employee access to Business Central


How long does it take to implement?

iNECTA Food ERP implementations are faster than most other softwares. Most of the functionality you need is already included. Less customizations mean you'll be up-and-running in no time. In fact, we recently did a complete implementation over a long weekend!

How much does it cost?

Monthly user subscriptions start at $145/month. Please view our pricing info below for more details.

Is it difficult to learn how to use it?

iNECTA Food is easy to use. Get to any screen in just a few clicks. Everyone, from your warehouse staff, to salespersons, and executives, will notice the improved ease-of-use.

Our team of implementation consultants and customer success experts will guide you through every step. And we'll always be here when you need us, for training and support. iNECTA University has training videos, webinars and live instruction.


Monthly Subscription Pricing

Team Member


per user

For team members that need limited access, such as scanning.



per user

Works if you’re a:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Traders



per user

Works if you’re a:

  • Food Manufacturer (includes everything in Essentials)

Device Licenses start at $65 per month

Make the decision to help your business grow... 

You've learned some of the many ways your business can benefit from using iNECTA Food. It's trusted by other businesses in your industry and can work just as well (or better) for you. iNECTA food is easy to implement. It's easy on your budget with monthly subscription payments. Take the next step to ensure your food business is running the right kind of business software. Software for your food safety, increased efficiency, and stronger revenue growth.

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