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iNECTA partners with Trace Register for food safety and sustainability

iNECTA is proud to announce that we have successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics to Trace Register.  Trace Register provides a database to track the complete supply chain of seafood from the vessel to the plate.  As the seafood travels through the supply chain, it is very important that the business software report the status and the location of the product as it passes through. 

Trace Register puts all the segments together for either the consumer, producer or distributer to have a clear traceability of the product.  Trace Register also enables the user to identify if the product meets certain size and quality standards for a particular market.

Sustainability of our food supply is something we at iNECTA are very passionate about.  With increased traceability the food industries can enforce accountability and ensure that earth’s resources are protected.  Using this solution, we can now bring the choice to the consumer whether to support sustainable sources or not.

About iNECTA 
Since 2001, iNECTA has focused primarily on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Over the past decade of NAV implementations, we’ve accumulated a massive amount of product knowledge and insight. We can apply that experience to a wide range of business scenarios to solve almost any problem.

About Trace Register
Founded in 2005, Trace Register is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. They have clients in over 40 countries, supported by customer service teams in North and South America, and throughout Asia.

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