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4 Reasons Why Meat Processors Need Food ERP for BBQ Season

It’s BBQ season, and that means breaking out that dry-aged brisket and slapping it down on the grill. Or maybe you’re a person who prefers the simpler pleasures of a beef frankfurter or a char-grilled hamburger, either way—you’re going to need a lot of meat this summer. The companies responsible for processing and supplying that meat for this summer’s BBQ season need efficient operational methods to meet the demand.

I’m sure you can already guess that Meat Processors can also benefit greatly from Food ERP. Not just any Food ERP though, INECTA Food for Meat Processors is the ideal ERP companion for your Meat Processing business. Through many years of working closely with food processors, INECTA developed the perfect solution to help elevate, and ultimately streamline a Meat Processors entire operation. Everything from lot management to quality control to EDI, INECTA Food for Meat Processors has your business covered with one-a-kind ERP software powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The product development team at INECTA molded this industry-specific solution to serve Meat Processors, and Meat Processors only. This means that all the core functionality attached to INECTA Food for Meat Processors was designed to solve persistent pain points most commonly experienced by the Meat industry. INECTA Food is composed of dedicated and highly experienced professionals who understand the unique expectations of maintaining a successful Meat Processing business. We at INECTA Food ERP know that when it comes to raw meat, quality and safety mean the world. That’s why our Meat Processor solution comes equipped with several key features that serve to keep your company’s meat products in perfect condition throughout its supply-chain journey.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Meat Processors really ought to consider a Food ERP solution.

  1. Lot Traceability

Lot traceability is an absolute catalyst for Meat Processors for many reasons. The most notable reason is that Meat Processors rely on strong lot traceability to prove and maintain the quality of their product throughout its supply-chain lifespan. With INECTA’s Lot Traceability feature, Meat Processors can rest assured knowing that their product is accounted for from the moment the lot is created up until the moment it is purchased by the customer at their local meat market or butcher.

  1. Reverse Bill of Materials

The Reverse BOM feature allows the user to create a production order that allows one raw material, for example–one full male steer, to become many different finished goods: brisket, hamburger, etc. The user is also able to cost share and allocate cost to each finished good seamless and with little hassle. Meat Processors find this feature especially useful when they have a base product intended for multiple smaller individual products.

  1. Quality Control

Commitment to quality is the foundation of any successful Meat Processing business. That’s why INECTA Food designed an exemplary Quality Control tool within its solution to ensure the quality of your meat products every time. With our Quality Control feature, your business can maintain the quality of your beef, chicken, pork, etc. through extensive tracking and accountability.

  1. Variable Weight

With the Variable Weight feature from INECTA Food for Meat Processors, consumers pay for the actual weight of the product at the time of bill/invoice. This ensures fair price transactions for both your business and your consumers.

The benefits of acquiring a sound Food ERP solution like INECTA Food are seemingly endless. With the summer season heating up, people will be flocking to their local butchers and grocery stores to pick up delicious meats to throw down on the barbecue. They will be counting on the vigilance of the companies that sell them their meat products to ensure the quality of the meat they purchase. Help meet your customers’ high expectations with unmatched software designed to elevate your Meat Processing business. Hit your marks and maintain quality every single time this summer BBQ season with INECTA Food for Meat Processors.

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