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Dairy Producer Software Benefits

Integration with FMMO Pricing

Prevent mistakes that can occur due to outdated or incorrect pricing data. Inecta automatically integrates up-to-date FMMO pricing data, ensuring that you'll always use the correct, current prices for each class of milk when calculating your costs.


Real-time data tracking

Get a real-time view of the amount of milk you receive, the class of milk being produced, and the costs associated with each process.


Accurate Classification

This is crucial, as the class of milk determines the minimum price that processors need to pay farmers. Misclassification can lead to inaccurate costing. Inecta lets you accurately classify your milk according to the FMMO categories.

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Cost Allocation

inecta helps you allocate costs accurately across different stages of production. Track and measure variances associated with transportation, storage, labor, energy, and more. Get a more precise understanding of the true cost of processing each class of milk.


Forecasting and Planning

Use historical data and trend analysis to forecast future milk prices and production costs. Plan ahead and make strategic decisions to optimize your operations and costs.

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Financial Reporting and Compliance

Generate detailed reports on costing, pricing, and other financial aspects. Maintain regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.

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By consolidating data from multiple sources into a single system, Inecta provides a transparent, end-to-end view of the dairy supply chain. Track and document milk and derived products from farm to processing facility to retail shelves. In the event of a product recall, quickly identify and isolate affected batches, minimizing risks to consumers and protecting your brand's reputation. Integrate regulatory compliance checks into daily operations, ensuring consistent adherence to food safety standards. 

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Dairy Management ERP Software

Cloud Based Software

inecta connects all your entire supply chain in a single easy-to-use interface.


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