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Food Industry Takes a Hit Due to Coronavirus

Every single country on the planet earth is facing a huge crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic, the industries are shutting down or are working at a very minimal capacity. There is a general shortage of workers either due to coronavirus scare or due to the lockdowns in many countries throughout the globe. While different countries are dealing with this pandemic in their own way, all of them have a thing in common, their essential industries are operational to some extent. The food industry is one of them. But being operational doesn’t mean that the food industry is not taking any sort of hit from the pandemic. The food industry is one of the most significant hit areas in this pandemic. Food manufacturers and food processors have the most interaction with the public. Food distributors are pulling their forces out as their workers are getting sick.

The supply chain shock to the food industry is enough to change how food manufacturers operate in the long run. Before this pandemic, the food industry was not localized, the raw material often was imported from overseas, but after all this, all international trade practically shut down, hence food manufactures are trying to find local sources for their requirements. Not only is the food industry not able to produce enough food, the food distributors and food wholesalers are reporting losses due to the low availability and low sale of the food. The cafeterias in the offices are closed due to lockdowns and small and medium scale food businesses are taking the brunt of the whole situation the most. While the bigger food corporations can get through this time, either by relocating their resources and supply chains or by getting loans from the banks, the small and medium food companies might not survive this. The banks usually hesitate to clear loans for them and they have limited resources at their disposal.

While the coronavirus doesn’t spread through the food, it does spread through the food workers and hence the food industry has to be careful. The cost of being careful is huge, with personal protection equipment being short in supply and workers demanding risk allowances, the food industry as a whole is in a rumble.

The food manufacturers and processors can do one thing to help them and that is the use of software like food ERP. Food ERP is software, designed specifically to better allocate the available resources in the food industry, so while they are low on resources, they can make effective use of them. This pandemic is going to be a huge economic and social battle and we have to fill the ocean drop by drop.

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