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Benefits of Farm Management Software in 2022

By George Nielsen, January 14, 2022

Tags: food supply, sustainability

Managing a farm presents several logistical and operational challenges that many choose to overcome using traditional, more manual methods. While these may work for a season, it’s important to consider digitizing your operation if you want to facilitate expansion in your future. There are many advantages to adopting quality farm management software to help to streamline your operations process and ensure the same high standard of quality for every product produced. In this article, we’ll be covering what farm management software is, the benefits that your farm can gain from implementing it, and what you should look for in farm management software in 2022. 

What is farm management software? 

Farm management software is a system that assists you in managing the day-to-day operations of your farm and can help you to track, record, and enforce your processes. Generally, these software solutions will also come equipped with other functionalities, such as SOP creation and storage, reporting and analysis, and more. These management solutions are meant to be used in a standalone way, or complement your pre-existing software integrations and automation. You won’t need to supplement farm management software with additional manual processes or purchase additional programs or materials for your farm’s overall functionality. 

Benefits of using farm management software in 2022

When you digitize your farm management processes, you allow the opportunity for greater growth and more standardization in your operational structure. There are many other advantages to using farm management software via an ERP solution, which we’ve outlined below: 

1. Additional standardization and enhanced risk management 

Farm software helps you to have greater oversight and control of your end product than you could normally assume with more traditional and manual methods. Using the capabilities and data that an end-to-end ERP solution can offer gives you the ability to create new, standardized processes and create the highest quality of product possible. It also empowers you to reach new levels of transparency with your consumer base, giving you key data points and assurance to properly risk manage your product and processes. 

2. Greater capabilities for tracking & maximized operational efficiency  

Inecta’s framework offers insight and tracking capabilities by field, which is ideal for mid to large-size farms that may be working with multiple crop rotations at a time. You can track planting, irrigation, and fertilization schedules in a centralized place and share in seconds with any team member through our high-speed systems and cloud framework. The added benefit of having all of this information and raw data in a single place is more comprehensive and accurate reporting capabilities than other traditional tracking methods. 

3. Enhanced reliability through cloud-based technology solutions 

Your business moves at the speed of light, which is why you need a system that can match that pace. Inecta uses a Microsoft-backed cloud system that offers you reliable insights and accurate data at any time that you need it. The benefit that you gain out of this partnership is immense, usually through performance-enhancing updates, quicker bug fixes, and an overall seamless experience alongside your other tools. 

4. Traceability and transparency at your fingertips 

Inecta goes above and beyond other software solutions, and offers user-friendly traceability systems that you can trust to accurately track your product from farm to table. This is especially helpful in the event of recall or complaint, allowing you to pull up the record and information in seconds to take any next actions that you need. This is also ideal for other areas of quality assurance, as all data and information get housed in our cloud system for easy reference and protection. 

What should you look for in your farm management system? 

Before choosing a farm management software, it’s important to identify your current areas of need that you want to use the software to address. A great first step is to gather your team members and stakeholders to determine what these are, and search for a system that addresses all or most of these. Below are some additional considerations you should look for in your management software: 

1. Cloud-based framework 

When you’re searching for your next farm management software, it’s important to check if your data will be housed in the cloud. This is preferable to a local storage solution, as these can fail or become corrupted. Many modern-day solutions do use cloud capabilities to ensure that your data is readily available whenever you need it, and can be shared with team members in seconds. 

2. Ease of use 

Your software of choice should be easy to use and offer seamless navigation. This is not only for your comfort but also for the adaptability and ease of integration for your team members. Choosing a platform that’s user-friendly increases its chance of wide-scale adoption and implementation at every step of your process.

3. Internalized reporting capabilities 

Choosing the right software for your farm is a subjective process. However, it’s important to look for an option that allows you to run reports that offer data in real-time in order to maximize your efficiency and control over your processes. 

If you’re looking for a software solution that you can trust when it comes to your farm management needs, look no further than Inecta. Trusted by the food manufacturing and distribution industry for over 20 years, our company has the core industry expertise that you need to have a fully tailored and comprehensive solution to support the needs of your growing farm. For more information and to book a call, visit our website at www.inecta.com. 

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*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.