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107 - Year End 2017 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Year End 2017 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV      

Welcome again, after the holidays, I hope you had a relaxing time, I hope you shut off NAV for a little bit. It's a day after Christmas day and we are back at it of course.

What I wanted to go into is most things for your end, we’ve done a lot of year-end videos, so what I wanted to do with this video is actually link them with some of the videos that we have. We have two videos of the 2015 version and they are identical in 2016. 17 18 versions. So rather than re-recording that, I’m gonna link them to this video so after this video concludes you’ll get a card you can click on to get into those videos.

I’m quickly gonna tell you what it's about, first of all, year-end, what are the concerns? we gotta do physical inventory counts and we have a video on that, so its physical inventory journal, again the same thing with 15. 16. 17 and 18. So you are good there. We also have to go into fiscal year and close that out, now that you probably won't do until the beginning of the year 2018, maybe January, February when you’ve closed all of your numbers and there should be a link there as well at the end of this video. I will continue this video series I’m gonna jump into physical inventory for the warehouse system and when the bins are enabled which I don't have in my repertoire and I think it's a good time to add that.     



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