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138 - Microsoft Business Central is Dynamics NAV (cloud version)

Microsoft Business Central is Dynamics NAV (Cloud Version)

I Just wanted to put one note on this, So this is business central, we had just launched a video and I just wanted to add to that. Ok if you are new to business central, you’ve been wondering what this is for Microsoft.

What this is, Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud. If you don't know what dynamics NAV, you should kind of write that down, why?, because business central just came out, but NAV has been around for a very long time.

This Is the same product, it's just in the cloud, so if you are looking around trying to find information out about this and that, you know, how to do purchasing, approvals, how to do extensions, cash management, stuff like that. You might not find a whole lot of things about business central because it's so new.

But if you google NAV, like all of the other videos that I have, the 100 and something, you can find information about that functionality, it's not gonna look exactly the same as this but pretty similar and it's gonna be pretty simple.

So basically you can look up the stuff that you need to get into here with the search bar and you can go find the feature and functionalities in my videos and apply it. Now what I’m gonna do because I don't want you to do all that work.

I’m gonna doing business central videos and kind of recapping everything that I’ve done in my 130 videos but until then; it's gonna take me a little time; just use those, google NAV, whatever you need, even if you are using business central and you would be fine, it's close enough. Alright, so I just wanted to get that in there so you are not lost and you can find the things you need.



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