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145 - Cash Flow Accounts in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Cash Flow Accounts in Microsoft D365 Business Central

I am going to keep going on Cash Flows in Business Central so, basically, we were already going through cash flow analysis, stuff like that. Cash flow Forecast and last time we went through Cash flow payment terms, and today I was just going to go into detail in the Cash flow Forecast. That has to with do how we get the information into the worksheet. 

We go into Cash flow forecasts and then I go into the Cash flow worksheet, suggest lines. I get here checkboxes. I can check off what I want to get into my cash flow forecast. How do I want this affected? And receivables obviously comes from customer ledger entries that are open. Payables from vendor ledger entries that are open. And the Liquid funds? let's see where they come from, if I click ok, I can see here all the open customer and vendor ledger entries. But I get the checking account, the balance and then petty cash and the balance there.

Let's see if I really didn’t want petty cash to come in here in the Cash Flow, it not something that I'm really using to buy things and stuff like that. So, I'm just going to post this to get rid of this. I'm sorry, register it like that. And then I'm going to change the liquid funds so that we can take out the petty cash, how do we do that? where is it coming from?.

Chart of cash flow accounts
We actually can navigate into something called Chart of cash flow accounts. Funky name but interesting enough, this shows all the categories that we are pulling from. Some of them will just show you the balance, like here, because this is just connected to receivables.

We have payables, receivables right here, but the liquid funds coming in here actually have a GL account filter And that should be a clue of how actually we work with this. I go into there, I can see that we are taking a balance from a GL, there is a GL integration, and these are the GL accounts that we are taking. If I look into those, I can see that we are taking 100 to 300 and 300 is petty cash. I want to take that out. I don’t want petty cash in there. So, I'm going to change this to be 200. 

We go into cash flow forecasts and now we are going to suggest, in the worksheet suggest the worksheet lines and liquid funds are checked. So, let's see if it takes out petty cash. Yes, it's out. Now I only see the checking out the balance. You can see that everything is coming out from that chart of cash flow accounts.

I'm going to push a little bit more into that topic in the next video, see what other things we can connect. Obviously, we don’t want everything in the system to hit cash flow, we want to be kind of selective on the things that matter for cash flow purposes.



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